VMware Printing Solutions

You might already be aware that PrinterLogic is the most powerful and intuitive print management solution available, but did you also know that it makes it one of best the VMware printing solutions for organizations of any size, in any field?

Unlike other VMware printing tools, PrinterLogic quickly and reliably deploys the right printers to the right users at the right time, every time. It does this by automatically identifying your VMware users as soon as they log in to a session, determining where they are located anywhere within the organization, and deploying both the printer and the requisite driver to those users on the basis of any number of specific criteria, including:

  • Active Directory (AD) user, computer, group, or organizational unit (OU)
  • Location-based printing
  • Hardware identifiers (e.g., MAC addresses, endpoint hostnames)

PrinterLogic’s intelligent deployment eliminates common driver management issues as well as the degradation of network performance that comes with high WAN throughput when print jobs are relayed to endpoint devices. More importantly, PrinterLogic works not only when users initially log in to a session but also when they roam within that same session, dynamically and correctly reassigning printers as needed.

When implemented as a VMware printing solution, PrinterLogic actually augments VMware functionality with integrated features like easy printer assignment and driver management, plus easy and intuitive central administration. In fact, PrinterLogic can even replace VMware’s native printing functionality completely thanks to its powerful direct IP printer and driver management tools. To name just a few:

  • Automatic deployment: Every user, whether specific or generic, consistently receives the right printer and drivers based on a host of customizable criteria.
  • Location-aware printing: Through smart location detection, users can easily access the nearest printer—even if they roam within a session.
  • Self-service installation: End users can carry out routine printer installations by themselves with a single click, drastically reducing their need for walkthroughs and troubleshooting.
  • Centralized administration: Both endpoint devices and their drivers can be managed from one terminal anywhere in the organization.
  • No rights management: PrinterLogic doesn’t require group policy objects (GPOs) for targeted printer deployment.
  • Profile pre-configuration: You can assign a variety of settings (e.g., paper tray, monochrome printing) to individual users, expanding or limiting their printing options as necessary.
  • Faster logons: PrinterLogic’s streamlined printer installation and optimized network performance enable users to zip into a virtual session.

Virtual environments have the potential to add an extra layer of complexity to your organization’s print environment, but choosing PrinterLogic as your VMware printing solution allows you to enjoy the advantages of both as though they were a single, seamless solution.

Ready to find out more? Have a look at this page for details on how PrinterLogic trumps other VMware printing solutions.

Our Enterprise Print Management Software

Posted by Devin Anderson

Think it’s impossible to eliminate print servers? Think again.

With PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software, it’s possible to comfortably reduce or even migrate away from your existing print servers entirely while retaining all their functionality. To put it another way, PrinterLogic allows you to forego the hassle and expense of maintaining and upgrading print servers without having to sacrifice the features they’re supposed to provide.

In fact, PrinterLogic introduces infinite scalability to your print environment plus an additional feature set that print servers and lesser printer management software tools simply can’t deliver. Features that include:

  • Auditing: Detailed reports let you quantify print activity along with consumables usage
  • Mobile printing: Allows mobile, BYOD and guest users to print securely from any mobile device—anywhere, anytime
  • Pull printing: Enables end users to release jobs at the printer for greater convenience, added security, and reduced waste
  • Self-service installation: An intuitive portal that empowers end users to carry out routine installations themselves

Thanks to practical and cost-saving features like these, PrinterLogic goes beyond mere print management software to become a comprehensive printing solution that not only increases your control over your enterprise print environment but also reduces the time and energy required to maintain that control.

That means the right printers can be deployed effortlessly and automatically to the right users, even in virtual sessions like Citrix and VMware, yet without the need for finicky scripts or group policy objects (GPOs). Drivers can be easily installed and upgraded, too—manually or automatically, selectively or in batches. Default printer settings can be adjusted for one or thousands of printers enterprise-wide with the simple click of a box. And you can rest assured of the reliable, round-the-clock availability of your print environment on account of PrinterLogic’s robust architecture.

Through it all, PrinterLogic provides you and your IT staff with centralized, at-a-glance administration of the entire print environment, no matter whether your organization has a single site or is distributed over several hundred locations. Whereas print servers tend to result in fragmentation and obfuscation, PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software serves to unify organizations of all sizes and increase visibility into their print infrastructure. As our customers’ experience has shown, those efficiencies ultimately come back in the form of increased productivity and significant ROI.

Curious as to how PrinterLogic can help your organization reduce or eliminate its print servers altogether? This page has some handy information on the benefits of PrinterLogic as it relates to print server functionality. You’ll also find a white paper on print server elimination that you can download for free.

S&P 500 Healthcare Company Tackles Printer Driver Management with PrinterLogic

Posted by Andrew Miller

When the independent research firm TechValidate recently asked an S&P 500 healthcare company for a summary of its results after installing PrinterLogic, a representative had this to say: “PrinterLogic has brought centralized printer driver management and printer configuration management simplicity back to our environment!”

Testimonials like that certainly speak for themselves, but the TechValidate study (TVID:
CEB-49D-467) probed a bit deeper into the company’s experience to confirm yet another compelling PrinterLogic success story. In the case of this S&P 500 healthcare company, TechValidate found that the organization is already seeing ROI of more than 200% after installing PrinterLogic. In fact, PrinterLogic fully paid for itself in just one year.

What issues was this S&P 500 healthcare company looking to address with PrinterLogic as its enterprise print management solution? Common ones, such as centralizing and streamlining management of printers, queues and drivers. It wanted to cut down on its servers and to be able to deploy printers easily without having to resort to custom scripts and group policy objects (GPOs).

But even though these issues might be common, the company’s print environment was all its own. PrinterLogic had to be robust and versatile enough to adapt to an infrastructure that initially consisted of over 1,000 networked printers, a handful of print servers, and more than 100 physical locations.

And it worked brilliantly—as this and a growing number of TechValidate case studies just like it have shown. Thanks to PrinterLogic, this S&P 500 healthcare company reduced all of the following:

  • Time spent on print management by 50%
  • Print-related service desk calls by 70%
  • Remote server infrastructure by 30%
  • Print consumables by 15%
  • Printer downtime by 30%

Those reductions have translated into huge cost, time, and resource savings both in the short-term and the long run. Which probably explains that impressive (and ever-increasing) ROI. It also explains why, when asked for subjective evaluations of PrinterLogic’s performance, this S&P 500 healthcare company didn’t hold back on the superlatives. It rated PrinterLogic as “excellent” in the areas of printer driver management as well as ease and speed of deployment, “amazing” in terms of ease of use, and “great” when it came to printing security.

TechValidate Case Study: S&P 500 Health Care Company

State & Local Government Customer Rates PrinterLogic “Excellent” in Recent Independent Survey

Posted by Andrew Miller

We’ve seen over and over how PrinterLogic transcends industry and scale when it comes to optimizing your organization’s print environment. From healthcare to insurance, education to manufacturing, PrinterLogic can be deployed as a universal print solution to deliver simplified, centralized management of networked printers, print queues and printer drivers—ultimately saving organizations of any kind significant costs and resources in the near- and long-term.

Just how significant is significant? Let’s look at the example of a state and local government agency that was recently surveyed by the independent research firm TechValidate. Their case study (TVID: 60F-D76-516) revealed the following jaw-dropping results:

  • Remote server infrastructure was slashed by an incredible 90%
  • Printer downtime also experienced a drastic reduction of 90%
  • Time spent on print management fell by an astounding 70%
  • The number of print-related calls to the service desk plunged by 70%
  • Usage of print consumables was also cut by 70%

This was in a print environment with between 50 and 249 networked printers, under five print servers, and fewer than 25 sites. TechValidate’s study showed that PrinterLogic enabled this state and local government agency to achieve these massive reductions by making it easier for end users to locate and install printers, eliminating the need for extra print hardware, and enabling the IT staff to manage drivers and deploy printers with unparalleled simplicity.

“PrinterLogic has made it much easier to install, deploy, and administer printers,” said a representative for the organization. “Updating drivers is done in one place now instead of on every desktop. Printer swaps or removes are all done at PrinterLogic and pushed to desktops.”

Furthermore, PrinterLogic reduced print-related WAN traffic and ensured that the government agency’s print services were consistently available for employees. These had both caused productivity problems before installing PrinterLogic—a process that, incidentally, was completed in under five days.

And if that weren’t enough, the cost savings have been astronomical. This state and local government agency recouped its entire financial outlay for PrinterLogic in

less than three months

. The overall ROI since deploying PrinterLogic has been more than 400%, a relative figure that grows with every additional minute of printer uptime and every print consumable (e.g., toner, paper) that’s now conserved rather than wasted.

No surprise, then, that this state and local government agency rated PrinterLogic an unequivocal “excellent” in all the following categories:

  • Printer driver management
  • Ease of deployment
  • Speed of deployment
  • Ease of use
  • Printing security

TechValidate Case Study: State & Local Government

BYOD Printing Solutions

Posted by Devin Anderson

Ever since the term BYOD went mainstream (roughly four years ago for those of you who are counting), the number of employees bringing their personal devices to work has increased rapidly. Some surveys show that the BYOD adoption rate for employees in the developed world is already well over 40%—with the possibility of doubling in the next few years. This has put pressure on organizations to proactively seek out BYOD printing solutions.

Unsurprisingly, not all organizations have greeted the BYOD movement with a great deal of enthusiasm.

We understand their reluctance. That’s because we here at PrinterLogic recognize that conventional BYOD printing solutions are less than desirable. Some require extra devices. Some are one-trick ponies that aren’t guaranteed to play nicely with all the other hardware and software in your print environment. Others are finicky, calling for cumbersome workarounds that introduce critical vulnerabilities. In an effort to accommodate your employees’ BYOD demands, you end up exposing them to more frustration, inconsistency, and even potential security risks.

But what if we told you there’s a BYOD printing solution that addresses all those concerns in one fell swoop? A solution that allows BYOD employees—including guests, contractors, freelancers, partners and consultants—to easily print from any mobile device, anywhere, anytime. A solution that works seamlessly with your existing print environment and requires no extra hardware or software. A solution that’s secure and subject to administrative oversight. A solution that can be implemented by organizations of any size, in any sector, across all of their physical sites.

It’s not too good to be true. It’s PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution.

Unlike other BYOD printing solutions, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing derives its power from simplicity. By leveraging rock-solid email-to-print capabilities, it opens up BYOD printing to everyone without resorting to print servers or proprietary third-party software like iOS or Google Cloud Printing—no matter if the device is personal or company-issued, on- or off-network.

BYOD users who want to print simply obtain the dedicated email address for the desired printer, email their documents, and the job immediately enters the local print queue no differently to one initiated from a workstation. That means:

  • No calls to the support desk asking for help installing printers
  • Any mobile device can print to any authorized printer—regardless of whether the hardware is legacy or bleeding-edge
  • Printing is as easy for the end user as emailing
  • Jobs sent via Mobile Printing can be monitored and audited just like any other

This is one BYOD printing solution that’s also inherently secure. You control who has access to which printer as well as how much and what file types each BYOD user can print. You can also authorize or restrict access to specific printer settings such as monochrome printing or paper trays. BYOD employees can even choose to release their print job to a specific printer from their mobile device, so confidential documents aren’t left out for all to see.

Check out this page for even more information on how PrinterLogic simplifies and secures mobile and BOYD printing.

Using PrinterLogic for Print Server Management

Posted by Devin Anderson

If you’ve spent any time researching PrinterLogic, you know that we’re pretty fond of emphasizing the fact that our enterprise print management solution allows you to eliminate print servers altogether. We say it a lot—and with good reason. Most organizations don’t immediately realize that it’s not only possible to migrate entirely to PrinterLogic from a print server environment, but that it’s also amazingly easy to do.

But just because you can eliminate print servers with PrinterLogic doesn’t mean you have to. A lot of organizations are actually content with their print servers, or at the very least they consider them to be a fundamental and unavoidable part of their print environment. If your organization falls into one of those categories, the good news is that you can still enjoy the myriad benefits of PrinterLogic without having to sacrifice your print servers. It’s not an all or nothing proposition.

For environments where it makes more sense to manage print servers rather than eliminate them outright, PrinterLogic provides a ton of added functionality. Organizations that choose to use PrinterLogic as a printer and print server management tool can take advantage of features such as:

  • Self-service portal: One consistent printer installation portal throughout your entire enterprise. No domains, no trusts—just simple, one-click installations for end users with optional floor plan maps for added convenience.
  • Automated printer deployment: Have PrinterLogic do the heavy lifting by deploying printers individually or en masse, with added options for dynamically setting the correct default printer, or proximity printing in which nearby printers are automatically installed.
  • Support for Citrix and VMware: It’s built-in and seamless. All of the features mentioned here are supported in these sessions, including automated printer deployment and even the self-service option that allows session users to install printers quickly and easily.
  • Queue management: Use the central admin portal to identify and purge stuck jobs anywhere in the organization. You don’t even need to know which host server the job is associated with to delete it, and you won’t need to deal with domains or trusts in order to access and manage print servers enterprise-wide.
  • Print job auditing: Powerful oversight tools and reports allow you to track the most heavily utilized network printers as well as consumables usage. There’s even support for USB printers.
  • SNMP status monitoring: You can view the online status of any printer and capture SNMP notifications like low ink, low paper, empty tray, or tray open in order to better pinpoint problems.

Don’t get us wrong. Here at PrinterLogic, eliminating print servers still remains our goal. But PrinterLogic also has the remarkable ability to make print server management a breeze, too, providing your organization with the robust and feature-rich print environment it needs to succeed.

Solutions for Deploying Printers Based on Location

Whether you have mobile users or stationary users, their ability to print is almost always an issue. If they are mobile and travel to and from all of your remote offices, how do you go about making sure they have all the correct printers when they arrive? If it is a stationary user, how do you plan on making sure they are assigned and have access to only the printers in their department?

For the mobile user you could just add all the network printers to their laptop so no matter where they go, they have a printer from that location available to them. But then they would have a lot of printers to dig through when they needed to print and their laptop would be bogged down with a lot of print drivers. For the stationary user you could just create a GPO or script that gives them the printers for their department when they log into their computer, but then their login time takes a hit and they now have to wait an extra minute before seeing their desktop.

Whether you have mobile employees who move around to different locations, or employees that are stationary, PrinterLogic’s print management solution will fix the above issues while saving you time and money—all while giving your end users an overall better printing experience. And did I mention that you can do all of this without print servers.

PrinterLogic is an on-premise web application with three key components. Those components are an administration console, self-service printer Installation portal and a small client that is installed on each workstation. The admin console is used for creating, organizing, managing and deploying printers. The self-service printer installation portal is available to end users so they can install a printer on their own with a single click without needed local admin rights. The client is the piece that installs printers, manages printers, installs printer drivers, manages printer drivers and allows you to do print job reporting and auditing.

Through PrinterLogic’s admin console, you can create printer deployment assignments based on Active Directory User, Computer, Group, Container and OU’s. You can also create deployment assignments based on IP address range, hostnames and computer MAC address. With these deployment options your mobile user will no longer need to have all of the remote location printers installed at all times. Instead, as they show up to a remote location, the client running on their laptop will notice their IP is now in a range that you created a deployment assignment for and it will automatically give them the printer. When they leave to go to the next location, it will remove the old printer and give them the new one for the next location upon arrival.

For the stationary users, you can create a deployment assignment that will assign a specific printer to a Active Directory department or OU and any user who belongs to that department or OU will get that printer installed automatically.

Do you have a computer lab that you want to quickly and easily deploy the lab printer to? With PrinterLogic you can deploy that lab printer to every machine in the lab with one assignment and anybody who uses those computers will have access to the printer.

Want to restrict who has rights to certain printers, or who is allowed to even install certain printers? With PrinterLogic you can restrict access to printers based on Active Directory memberships, IP address range, hostname and MAC address.

No matter the situation, PrinterLogic can easily deploy the printer to the user, and it won’t add the printer to their desktop until after they have logged in instead of while they are logging in. So your users get faster login times and seamless printer deployments.

To learn more, schedule a demo of PrinterLogic today and take advantage of our free trial.

Food Services Company in Canada Eliminates 25 Print Servers and Sees Print Management Time Plummet by 70 Percent with PrinterLogic

Posted by Andrew Miller

When you think of food services, you don’t necessarily think of enterprise printing. But the need for printing—make that highly available, flexible, effortless printing—is ubiquitous, regardless of an organization’s industry sector or its size. And that’s why so many organizations are turning to PrinterLogic.

Take one of Canada’s largest food processing companies. The complex global logistics of its ingredient supply, food production and perishable product distribution call for an enterprise print environment capable of meeting those demands. The company’s includes over 500 physical printers located among more than 25 sites.

When the independent research firm TechValidate surveyed the company as part of a recent case study (TVID: 776-88D-97D), they found that it had migrated to PrinterLogic to help solve a number of problems and shortcomings with their existing print management solution. These included:

  • Consolidating the company’s server infrastructure
  • Simplifying mobile, BYOD and guest printing enterprise-wide
  • Streamlining end-user printer installation
  • Ensuring high availability for enterprise print services
  • Centralizing printer, print queue and driver management
  • Deploying printers without scripts and GPOs

In addition to solving those problems and addressing those shortcomings, the company experienced the following results:

  • The company fully installed PrinterLogic within just 10 days
  • The ROI of implementing PrinterLogic was more than 300%
  • The time spent on print management plummeted by 70%
  • The number of print-related calls to the service desk was halved
  • The resources allocated to the remote server infrastructure fell by 70%

By migrating to PrinterLogic, the company was also able to rid its enterprise print environment of more than 25 costly and troublesome print servers. What’s more, the break-even point for their investment in PrinterLogic was less than three months! No wonder the company was further compelled to rate PrinterLogic’s ease of use and ease of deployment as amazing, and its speed of deployment and security as excellent.

“PrinterLogic has helped us reduce a lot of calls to the help desk and has allowed system admins to give the task of managing printers to the help desk instead of using print servers,” said a server administrator at the company.

TechValidate Case Study: Canadian Large Enterprise Food Company

Location-based Printing

Posted by Devin Anderson

Location, location, location is a maxim most often associated with realtors. Yet it applies just as much to enterprise printing—specifically, being able to easily enable seamless location-based printing for your employees.

Location-based or location-aware printing is as practical as it is leading-edge, because it quietly and automatically takes the guesswork out of printer installation. With location-aware printing (also known as proximity printing in Citrix environments), users within a specified range of IP addresses can conveniently access any networked printing devices that fall within that same range. That virtual location (IP address) can be linked to a physical location using variety of methods, creating a real-world scenario whereby mobile employees can instantly print at a branch they happen to be visiting, to give just one example.

When you use PrinterLogic to configure location-aware printing in your enterprise, you can quickly add printers to a workstation according to its IP address, computer name, Active Directory (AD) computer or group, or AD Organizational Unit (OU) membership. Users will always see the closest printer to their client device in any given session. That effectively allows you to automatically deploy printers based entirely on location, saving your staff and your employees the hassle of service desk calls to troubleshoot installation woes.

Because PrinterLogic works so well with a variety of virtualization solutions, you can easily set up proximity printing in a Citrix environment or enable location-based printing in a VMware Horizon View environment.

In the case of VMware, PrinterLogic dynamically provisions printers into VMware Horizon View VDI sessions, replacing ThinPrint location-based printing altogether as well as the related problems of managing endpoint device printer drivers or configuring custom printer settings. Not only does that give you effortless location-based printing with VMware View 5 or VMware View 6, you also enjoy further benefits such as:

  • Simple and efficient driver management on endpoint devices
  • Pre-configuration of printer profiles
  • Faster logons
  • No rights management
  • Straightforward printer deployment
  • Intuitive self-service printer installation

As mobility becomes the watchword in the modern workplace, location-aware printing will only grow in importance for enterprise printing in the coming years. Any organization that hopes to keep its employees satisfied and productive will have to make it an integral part of its print environment. Thanks to PrinterLogic, it’s possible to easily implement location-based printing in highly demanding enterprise environments—even (and especially) those that make use of Citrix and VMware Horizon View!

Email Printing

Posted by Devin Anderson

Bring your own device (BYOD) and email printing isn’t just a casual request in today’s workplace. It’s a philosophy. A movement. More and more employees are arriving with their own tablets, laptops, netbooks and smartphones, and they’re expecting to use them alongside—or even instead of—their company-issued devices.

What’s more, whether they’re contractors, mobile employees, freelancers or guests, they expect their personal devices to work seamlessly, both on and off the corporate network. They don’t want to have to install drivers, call the service desk, or fiddle with configuration settings in order to print an email at the office. They assume that the same ease of use they experience with their mobile devices at home will apply to the enterprise scenario too.

That mindset presents IT departments with no end of challenges, not least when it comes to printing:

  • How do you accommodate such a wide variety of hardware?
  • How can you ensure compatibility of your print environment with the different operating systems and apps running on those devices?
  • How can you retain control over where and how much users print?
  • And even if printing were to function smoothly and consistently for all users, how can you maintain enterprise-grade security?

PrinterLogic provides a single answer to all these questions. Its native email-to-print capabilities provide the versatility, simplicity, security, and oversight required to meet any enterprise-level requirements.

Unlike traditional print management solutions, PrinterLogic doesn’t require any expensive and finicky workarounds to deliver effortless Mobile employee, BYOD and guest printing. There’s absolutely no extra software or add-ons to install. Any device that can send an email also has the ability to print via PrinterLogic: All the mobile user has to do is obtain the dedicated email address for a particular printer and then email the documents or images.

That means freelancers who are onsite for a week or mobile employees who are at a branch office for a day can print without having to call the service desk or configure their devices at all. The employee working from home can easily print documents on her departmental printer for her colleagues. And all these users can print any kind of file, too, thanks to PrinterLogic’s support for universal file printing.

As unbelievably straightforward as that is, you still remain in complete control. PrinterLogic’s powerful authorization features allow you to set quotas for how much guests can print, where they can print, the file types they can print, and what printer settings (such as paper trays and color options) they can access. You determine which guests have the network printers’ email addresses, and you retain the ability to block certain domains outright. Even better, BYOD and guest email printing is subject to the same comprehensive auditing as workstation printing, so you can keep tabs on consumables usage and more.

Want to know more about PrinterLogic’s email-to-print feature and its benefits? Leave a comment or schedule a demo that includes a 30 day free trial by clicking here.