Our Enterprise Print Management Software

Posted by Devin Anderson

Think it’s impossible to eliminate print servers? Think again.

With PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software, it’s possible to comfortably reduce or even migrate away from your existing print servers entirely while retaining all their functionality. To put it another way, PrinterLogic allows you to forego the hassle and expense of maintaining and upgrading print servers without having to sacrifice the features they’re supposed to provide.

In fact, PrinterLogic introduces infinite scalability to your print environment plus an additional feature set that print servers and lesser printer management software tools simply can’t deliver. Features that include:

  • Auditing: Detailed reports let you quantify print activity along with consumables usage
  • Mobile printing: Allows mobile, BYOD and guest users to print securely from any mobile device—anywhere, anytime
  • Pull printing: Enables end users to release jobs at the printer for greater convenience, added security, and reduced waste
  • Self-service installation: An intuitive portal that empowers end users to carry out routine installations themselves

Thanks to practical and cost-saving features like these, PrinterLogic goes beyond mere print management software to become a comprehensive printing solution that not only increases your control over your enterprise print environment but also reduces the time and energy required to maintain that control.

That means the right printers can be deployed effortlessly and automatically to the right users, even in virtual sessions like Citrix and VMware, yet without the need for finicky scripts or group policy objects (GPOs). Drivers can be easily installed and upgraded, too—manually or automatically, selectively or in batches. Default printer settings can be adjusted for one or thousands of printers enterprise-wide with the simple click of a box. And you can rest assured of the reliable, round-the-clock availability of your print environment on account of PrinterLogic’s robust architecture.

Through it all, PrinterLogic provides you and your IT staff with centralized, at-a-glance administration of the entire print environment, no matter whether your organization has a single site or is distributed over several hundred locations. Whereas print servers tend to result in fragmentation and obfuscation, PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software serves to unify organizations of all sizes and increase visibility into their print infrastructure. As our customers’ experience has shown, those efficiencies ultimately come back in the form of increased productivity and significant ROI.

Curious as to how PrinterLogic can help your organization reduce or eliminate its print servers altogether? This page has some handy information on the benefits of PrinterLogic as it relates to print server functionality. You’ll also find a white paper on print server elimination that you can download for free.