HDI 2015—Las Vegas, Nevada

posted by Kyle Yardley


Things are always electric and exciting when you visit Las Vegas. The same was true with my experience at HDI 2015 last month. With more than 2,400 elite professionals coming together for the most comprehensive service desk related training conference in the industry, you can’t get enough of the wealth of knowledge that was available. Things were buzzing with excitement around the PrinterLogic booth. Top of mind with the people we spoke with was our Self-Service Printer Installation Portal, enabling centrally managed direct IP printing and—of course—Eliminating Print Servers!

Empowering end users is a strategic imperative for the Service Desk. An area that takes up a lot of their time is printer installation. They were relieved to learn that through our Self-Installation Portalemployees could find and install printers with one click based on an intuitive floor plan map. You could almost see their minds race with thoughts of what they could do with all the time saved not having to deal with printer-related service desk calls.

HDI15We all know the Vegas catchphrase: “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” While that may be true for some of the other vendors at the show, I can tell you that what happened at the PrinterLogic booth is not staying in Vegas. We are taking our message to the masses.

Every show I attend, I love seeing the response I get when I talk to them about eliminating print servers and enabling centrally managed direct IP printing. It starts off as disbelief, then moves to relief and then to empowerment as they realize all the benefits that come from our solution.

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