Ways to Clamp Down on Runaway Corporate Print Costs

Posted by Andrew Miller

Oft-cited studies have indicated that the costs of corporate printing amount to roughly 3% of an organization’s annual revenue. Many organizations have adopted that figure as a kind of yardstick to determine whether or not their own print budget is getting out of hand. As long as their print spending is pretty much in line with that, they tend to stick with their existing corporate print solutions and the status quo.

At PrinterLogic, by nature we tend to think outside the box. Which is why we’ve challenged this way of approaching corporate print management. Just because organizations generally spend 3% of their annual revenue on printing doesn’t mean your organization has to spend that much. There are effective ways to clamp down on runaway corporate print costs that you might not be putting into practice — or even be aware of.

Here’s what you might call a “printing efficiency checklist” that applies to most corporate print solutions and print environments:

Are you proactively curbing waste? A major printer manufacturer found that, on average, 17% of all print output was considered waste — things like long email signatures that spill over to another printed page, website printouts that stamp the URL at the bottom of an otherwise blank page, or print jobs forgotten at the printer. Most corporate print management practices make no provision for changing user habits to reduce this high level of waste.

Are your users printing only what they need? In the vast majority of print environments, color printing should be considered a luxury, not the default. But corporate print solutions make it too difficult to restrict users to specific modes or printers, especially in large environments, so a vast number of documents that would be perfectly adequate in grayscale are printed in expensive color. The same goes for other printing options like paper type.

Have you right-sized your print infrastructure? Every employee would love to have a dedicated personal printer on his or her desk. The routine answer to overwhelmed print servers is simply adding another print server. Yet all of this extra hardware bloats the infrastructure and drives up costs of procurement, operation and maintenance.

Are you auditing printing according to best practices? Best practices would call for you to have a solid fix on paper, printer and ink/toner usage at all levels — from organization-wide down to the individual user. To be fair, this is often easier said than done. Traditional print infrastructures such as print servers and conventional corporate print management methods don’t allow you to easily collect and analyze comprehensive data about your print environment. Therefore it can be challenging to implement.

PrinterLogic is unlike other corporate print solutions in that cost-effectiveness is in its DNA. It’s able to address every single point on the above checklist and start slashing your print spending from the moment of implementation. For example, its acclaimed centralized admin console brings a new level of ease to corporate print management. And its inherently small footprint allows you to eliminate print servers altogether and shrink your print infrastructure while providing for enhanced reliability and functionality.

Plus PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing module and Print Auditing features modules make it easy to introduce further efficiency into your corporate print management. Pull Printing cuts waste and increases security by making printing into a simple and deliberate two-step process: initiation of the print job followed by its execution (or release). Print Auditing gives you both oversight and insight by collecting and making sense of macro- and micro-level data on your print environment, allowing you to systematically target high usage.

So don’t be content with 3%. PrinterLogic can help you identify cost savings that standard corporate print solutions can’t.

PrinterLogic Partners with Plus Technologies to Provide Complete Front to Back-End Print Management Solution

PrinterLogic Integrates with OM Plus Delivery Manager Print and Output Management Solution

St. George, UTAH — February 21, 2017 — PrinterLogic, the leading server-less Enterprise Print Management solution that enables businesses to eliminate Windows print servers, today announced that is has partnered with Plus Technologies, a leading print and output management provider, to provide businesses with the highest availability and reliability of print delivery. The partnership integrates PrinterLogic and OM Plus Delivery Manager, and also enables PrinterLogic to become a reseller of OM Plus solutions.

PrinterLogic has long been a leader in front-end print management solutions, eliminating the need for Windows servers for print jobs initiated from the PC. Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple back-end systems and delivers them to printers, multifunction devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Together, these integrated front-end and back-end solutions enable businesses of all sizes and in any industry to simplify print management regardless of the origin of the print job while streamlining infrastructure and reducing costs.

Today’s agreement enables PrinterLogic to provide customers with a complete print management solution that provides the following benefits:

  • Simplified Printer Driver Management & Deployment – PrinterLogic provides easy printer and driver management with a simple interface, eliminates scripting and GPOs, and enables self-service printer installation with floor plan maps.
  • Enhanced Print Scalability & Reliability – OM Plus Delivery Manager can enhance or replace existing print spooling systems while providing advanced capabilities including print confirmation, re-printing, re-routing, automated failover, load balancing, bundling, re-sequencing, seem-less integration with popular health care EMR solutions such as Epic, and much more.
  • Certified Solution – OM Plus Delivery Manager is a certified Imprivata pull print solution and certified for SAP ERP environments to increase print fidelity, control, and increase productivity. Delivery Manager also provides many WMS solutions for warehouse and production lines to increase throughput and reduce wait times and outages via automatic print fail-over solutions.
  • Reduce Costs – PrinterLogic cuts waste of print consumables, reduces the costs of purchasing, deploying and maintaining servers and endpoint devices, and boosts the productivity of IT staff as well as end users. And OM Plus Delivery Manager drastically reduces duplicate printing by ensuring and confirming print delivery.

“By combining Plus Technologies software and its years of experience in back-end printing with our ability to eliminate Microsoft print servers and deliver front-end printer management, a complete end-to-end print management solution is quickly taking shape,” said Ryan Wedig, President and CEO at PrinterLogic. “The OM Plus Delivery Manager solution is unparalleled when it comes to print spooler management, and the integration of our solutions will provide customers reduced cost and simpler printing with greater confidence in print delivery.”

The integrated solution is available today through PrinterLogic. Please contact sales@printerlogic.com with questions or to schedule a demo.

About Plus Technologies, LLC
Since 1994, Plus Technologies (plustechnologies.com) has been providing output management software to corporate, government and healthcare organizations in over 30 countries worldwide. Plus Technologies has been selected by many Fortune 500 companies who are leaders in their markets.

Plus Technologies provides solutions based on their output management suite of products including OM Plus Delivery Manager (print job spooling and delivery), OM Plus Fleet Manager (consumables, printer error and usage management system), and OM Plus Report Manager (electronic report distribution system). We call this collection of software products the OM Plus Software Suite. Plus Technologies also provides custom programming services in the area of output management for organizations.

Plus Technologies has extensive experience in combining their output management software products with a strong implementation services capability to create ‘solutions’ that are as unique as the customer’s problems. In addition, Plus Technologies solutions are known to be very cost effective as the company provides flexible pricing options including utility billing, subscription, and initial license fee licenses.

About PrinterLogic
Thousands of enterprises use PrinterLogic’s patent-pending printer and driver management platform to deliver Mobile, Pull and Virtual printing, while eliminating print servers and providing a self-service portal that empowers end users to install their own printers. PrinterLogic recently won the 2017 Buyers Laboratory prestigious Pick award as Outstanding Enterprise Print Environment Platform. In addition, the company has been recognized twice as one of the fastest growing companies in North America – being ranked number 141 overall (and 8th amongst software vendors) on the Inc. 5000 and number 107 on the Deloitte Fast 500. For more information, or for a free trial, please visit www.printerlogic.com. Questions? Watch our video or connect with us on Twitter at @PrinterLogic or follow us on FacebookLinkedInYouTubeInstagram and Google+.

Reduce and Eliminate Wasted Print Jobs

Posted by Andrew Miller

A 2006 study by a leading printer manufacturer found that 17% of all printed output in the enterprise was considered waste.

Before we continue, take a moment for that figure to sink in. Think of all the wasted paper that 17% accounts for in your own organization. All the wasted ink and toner. All the wear and tear on the printers themselves. Environmental consequences notwithstanding, think of how that 17% directly affects your bottom line. It shouldn’t take long to see that there are considerable cost savings bound up in those wasted print jobs. And those savings are just waiting to be unlocked through the right print job management software with the right print job tracking features.

In traditional print environments, properly managing print jobs and maintaining both macro- and micro-level oversight has been one of the most challenging tasks for IT admins. Direct IP printing is renowned for being reliable and stable, but its print job tracking leaves a lot to be desired, and even the most advanced print job management software is unable to deliver a clear window onto the entire print environment. By contrast, print servers make managing print jobs and print job tracking a little easier, but they come with their own brand of headache and create more infrastructure to wrestle with.

For organizations, printing thus becomes a choice between the unmanageability of direct IP and the hassle of print servers—neither of which really offers the necessary level of print job tracking and auditing to tackle waste.

PrinterLogic solves all of these issues by providing organizations with cutting-edge print job management software that offers unparalleled ease of use alongside comprehensive print job tracking features. When combined with its powerful Print Auditing module, our print management solution enables organizations of any size and any sector to analyze printer usage and other important data points across the enterprise, right down to single jobs from particular users or workstations.

For example, PrinterLogic’s Print Auditing feature will help you reveal how networked as well as USB printers are utilized throughout the organization. You can examine individual and aggregate print jobs and easily arrange them for better analysis according to date, time, printer, user, department and fine-grained printing options like grayscale or duplexing. You can even automatically email that data to managers and department heads in the form of a report at scheduled intervals. With that information in hand, the users or departments responsible for the heaviest usage can be identified and incentivized to curb their printing costs.

By making use of PrinterLogic’s automatic, intuitive and comprehensive print job tracking, many of our customers have done just that. In one survey the independent research firm TechValidate found that over two-thirds of verified PrinterLogic customers used our print job management software to reduce print consumables by 15% or more. That’s clearly helped many of them recoup a good chunk of that wasted 17%.

While its auditing feature is great for print job tracking of completed jobs, PrinterLogic also makes proactively managing print jobs far easier. Through its centralized management console, IT staff can effortlessly deploy and administer printers across the entire organization from a single pane of glass. This means that admins can restrict certain users to a specific printer or limit their options (e.g., grayscale, paper type) simply by ticking a checkbox.

As any organization can attest, wasted print jobs are an ongoing—and expensive—issue that can only be addressed with the right tools. With PrinterLogic’s enterprise-class print job management software for managing print jobs and its Print Auditing feature for print job tracking, you can reduce and even eliminate that waste while gaining valuable print management features.

Cloud Print Services

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, we’re already deep into the era of mobile computing. For end users, that means more productivity and a great deal more flexibility. For their employers…well, it’s a little more complicated. Traditional IT infrastructures are still optimized for static environments, and nowhere is that more apparent than with printing. As a result, many companies have opted for cloud printing software and similar enterprise printing solutions to bridge the gap between traditional network infrastructures and their mobile clients.

The lingering issue is that bridging the gap is not always seamless. Cloud printing software can seem more like a patch or a stopgap solution, especially when you have to manage cloud printing for more than a handful of employees. This is because some of the most common cloud printing software solutions such as Google Cloud Print and Apple’s AirPrint were designed with home consumers in mind—one printer accessed by a small pool of mobile devices under light use.

For enterprise printing environments, of course, the circumstances are much different. To successfully implement and manage cloud printing, it’s typically been necessary for organizations to purchase printers that are compatible with the desired cloud printing software and then enable that functionality on an individual basis. When mobile users have BYOD devices, it gets even trickier. In addition to driving up the costs of procurement and management, cloud printing can also open security holes because it becomes more difficult for admins to monitor and manage cloud printing for multiple users from a single, convenient interface.

PrinterLogic’s answer to cloud printing software is called, simply enough, Mobile Printing. Among many other benefits, it provides all the functionality of cloud printing in a cost-effective way and without the usual headache of implementation and management. It’s designed to smoothly and quickly transform traditional print environments into next-generation print environments so that no “gap” exists.

How is PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing different from other solutions? In three important ways:

  • It works with any printer. That’s right, there’s no need to buy special mobile printing devices or printers with a certain logo. PrinterLogic can turn any network printer into a Mobile Printing-enabled printer. Even legacy devices.
  • There no client-side software to install. Cloud printing software sometimes requires admins to install client-side software on mobile devices so they can access the desired printers. Not so with PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing. A centralized server handles everything, including the admin console that allows you to manage cloud printing, so any authorized mobile device can print without a call to the service desk or an in-person visit from support.
  • It works with any mobile/BYOD device. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing is platform agnostic. So regardless of whether you’re an iOS, Android or Windows Mobile environment—or a mix of all the above—your mobile users can print easily and reliably.

Unlike many cloud printing software solutions, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing also provides you with flexible printing options. BYOD users can take advantage of the effortless email-to-print functionality, allowing them to print to any authorized printer on- or off-network. Mobile users can either print immediately to a dedicated printer or utilize the built-in pull printing feature, which means they can release their print job at any desired printer once they’re physically present. And it doesn’t get any easier to manage cloud printing, because mobile users are administered through PrinterLogic’s renowned centralized management console.

Cloud print services can be surprisingly effortless to implement and manage—provided you’ve got PrinterLogic on your side.

Is Your Print Server Causing Your Print Spooler to Crash?

Sometimes it seems like the most delicate thing on earth is your print spooler. Cough suddenly, glance at it the wrong way, speak a little too loudly, and it crashes—even on a relatively current and stable platform like Server 2012. And when your print spooler is not working, unless you’ve got some serious redundancy measures in place, it tends to take down the organization’s ability to print with it. That’s usually followed by a round of panicked restarts and troubleshooting while your end users flood the service desk with irate support calls.

If your print spooler is crashing in Server 2012 or your print spooler is not working the way it should, what’s the cause and what can be done about it? You might be surprised to discover that it could be your print server, not the print spooler, that’s not working as intended.

Before delving any deeper, some perspective: Print servers first came about to fill a niche. A simple one. They were meant to allow multiple networked computers to print to a shared printer while introducing some oversight to the process. Over time, however, networks got more complex. Printers became more heterogeneous and gained more functionality, as did workstations and the different operating systems they ran. Printer fleets grew in size, and so did the device pools they were meant to serve. Virtualization solutions became more commonplace. Mobile computing became more standardized.

And yet, throughout all this, the basic print server paradigm remained the same. Even as the number of drivers they were meant to handle multiplied. Even as 64-bit computing became the norm. Even as acronyms like EMR/EHR and BYOD started being used outside of specialist circles. The paradigm just didn’t evolve at the same speed as the rest of technology. That’s why, when your print spooler is crashing in Server 2012, the problem is more likely to lie with your print server than the spooler itself.

So if your print spooler is not working, there are a few things you can do. You can restart it by going to the “Services” panel and then begin the long and uncertain troubleshooting process of determining the cause of the crash, probably by digging through the event logs and searching for rogue drivers (a frequent culprit). More thorough troubleshooting involves completely switching over to 2012 R2 printer drivers and ditching unsupported legacy printers. As a last resort, you can even try removing all the printers and then re-adding them one by one to determine the problematic device. But even this isn’t guaranteed to stop your print spooler from crashing in Server 2012 because the underlying print server paradigm hasn’t changed.

The surest way to stop print spooler crashes is by eliminating your print servers. PrinterLogic’s next-generation enterprise print management solution enables your organization to do exactly that. Our cost-effective solution combines the stability and robustness of proven direct IP printing with enhanced manageability that goes beyond what print servers offer. For example, even in widely distributed environments, PrinterLogic allows you to centrally administer the entire print environment from a single pane of glass anywhere in the organization. And it allows your end users to continue printing as usual in the rare event of a server outage. Try doing that when your print spooler is not working or has crashed.

Print servers have been superseded by a new enterprise printing paradigm: PrinterLogic. Keep that in mind the next time your service desk is inundated with calls on account of the print spooler crashing in Server 2012. Driver incompatibilities and 32-/64-bit conflicts don’t have to bring your print spooler to its knees. You can keep your legacy printers and even equip them with Mobile Printing functionality. You don’t have to deal with the quirks, instability and expense of print servers. Sound like a bright new future for enterprise printing? With PrinterLogic, it’s a reality that over two-thirds of our customers have implemented in less than five days.

What Can You Do to Decrease Your Print Server Downtime?

Posted by Jordan Pusey

Remember that old prank telephone call: “Is your refrigerator running? Then you better go catch it!” Well, here’s one for the modern enterprise: “Is your print server down? Then you better go cheer it up!”

All joking aside, having a print server down is certainly no laughing matter. Just ask any end user who’s got an urgent report to print or the service desk staff member who’s fielding that user’s frustrated support call. And, sadly, for many organizations, print servers crashing is an all too common occurrence. That downtime hurts morale, hurts productivity and hurts your bottom line.

With that in mind, it makes sense to minimize your organization’s print server downtime to the fullest possible extent. The standard way to do that is through redundancy, which mitigates the effects of your print server crashing and can help reduce downtime. It’s essentially just having a backup at the ready, so when the primary print server is down its “understudy” can immediately get called into action without skipping a beat.

However, looking at the big picture, these backup print servers can actually negate cost savings. Sure, they avoid lost productivity when there are problems with the primary print server crashing, but that redundancy comes at a price. The server hardware has to be procured, powered, maintained, upgraded and replaced. The server software has to be licensed, administered and kept up to date. All that costs money over the short and long term. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that failover will take place seamlessly when the primary print server goes down. This is why some print management best practices call for double redundancy—a backup to the backup. But that in turn drives up costs of operation, maintenance and procurement even more.

Distribution is another method to reduce downtime. This involves placing a print server (plus multiple backups) within each predefined client pool, be it a print server on every floor, in every department, at every geographic site, or per every 50 or 100 workstations. Fragmenting the print environment in this way means that, unlike consolidated environments, one print server crashing doesn’t restrict printing for the entire organization. The catch is that a fragmented print environment is much harder to manage. When a print server goes down in a distributed environment, it’s more difficult for remote admins to identify it and bring it back online. The opposite redundancy strategy is centralization or consolidation, but that of course simply reverses the benefits and drawbacks when a print server goes down.

For a truly robust and cost-effective solution to prolonged or sporadic print server downtime, there’s PrinterLogic. Our enterprise print management solution provides the benefits of traditional redundancy strategies without having to compromise on key aspects. By leveraging proven direct IP printing technology, PrinterLogic enables your end users to continue to printing like normal in the unlikely event of a server outage. This is the exact opposite of the situation when a print server is down.

However, unlike conventional direct IP print environments, PrinterLogic also features unparalleled centralized administration. Even in highly distributed organizations, PrinterLogic provides a powerful window onto the entire print environment—including clients, drivers and printers—from a single pane of glass anywhere in the organization.

That explains how 73% of PrinterLogic customers reported reducing their printer downtime by at least 15% in a survey conducted by the independent research firm TechValidate. Not only were these organizations able to reduce the downtime that had previously been associated with their print server crashing, many of them also used PrinterLogic to reduce their remote print infrastructure.

Minimal downtime and minimal footprint. Only through PrinterLogic.

PrinterLogic Signs North American Distribution Agreement with Tech Data

PrinterLogic’s Enterprise Printer and Driver Management Solution Now Available to Tech Data Resellers throughout North America

St. George, UTAH — February 1, 2017 — PrinterLogic, the leading server-less Enterprise Print Management solution that enables businesses to eliminate print servers, today announced that is has expanded its distribution network through an agreement with Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq: TECD), one of the world’s largest distributors of technology products, services and solutions. The agreement enables Tech Data to distribute PrinterLogic’s award-winning printer and driver management solution to resellers throughout the United States and Canada.

IT resellers around the world depend on Tech Data to support the technology needs of end users of all sizes, including small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), large enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies. Printing and printer driver management impacts all of these organizations. Today’s agreement enables Tech Data resellers to provide their customers with a leading print management solution that provides the following benefits:

  • Simplify Printer Driver Management & Deployment – PrinterLogic provides easy printer and driver management with a simple interface, eliminates scripting and GPOs, and enables self-service printer installation with floor plan maps – all in a solution that is easily implemented in days, not months. In fact, 91% of PrinterLogic customers are fully deployed within four weeks, and 67% are deployed within just five days.
  • Eliminate IT Infrastructure – PrinterLogic allows organizations to finally eliminate their print servers. And implementation is a breeze, so resellers can get their customers up and running in no time. Organizations will enjoy reliable, worry-free printing as well as the eliminations of server-related outages, increased print management functionality, and a reduction in help desk calls.
  • Reduce Costs – PrinterLogic cuts waste of print consumables, reduces the costs of purchasing, deploying and maintaining servers and endpoint devices, and boosts the productivity of IT staff as well as end users. Independent surveys of PrinterLogic’s worldwide customer base reveals that 87% of customers surveyed experienced 100% return on investment (ROI) in the first year, and that 45% reported more than 200% ROI.

“Most enterprises deal with printer driver and deployment issues on a daily basis, but have never considered eliminating print servers as a viable option to address this. We have helped thousands of organizations eliminate their print servers, simplifying and increasing the reliability of their print environment, all while reducing their print costs,” said Matt Riley, Vice President of Channels at PrinterLogic. “Tech Data has built its reputation on providing resellers with strategic technology solutions, and we look forward to helping their resellers solve end users’ print management issues, regardless of size or industry.”

“We are constantly on the lookout for solutions that will help our resellers solve critical problems for their customers, and we are excited to add PrinterLogic to our growing portfolio,” said Tracy Holtz, Director of Product Marketing, Security and Information Management at Tech Data. “We are excited to help PrinterLogic expand and provide our resellers with a solution that can help their customers eliminate print servers, easily deploy and manage printer drivers and drastically reduce the cost and complexity of their printing environments.”

While the current agreement enables Tech Data to distribute PrinterLogic’s solutions throughout North America, the companies also plan to expand distribution of PrinterLogic to Europe. For more information on PrinterLogic’s solutions, please contact printerlogic@techdata.com.

About Tech Data
Tech Data Corporation is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of technology products, services and solutions. Its advanced logistics capabilities and value added services enable 105,000 resellers to efficiently and cost effectively support the diverse technology needs of end users in more than 100 countries. Tech Data generated $26.4 billion in net sales for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2016. It is ranked No. 108 on the Fortune 500® and one of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies.” To learn more, visit www.techdata.com, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About PrinterLogic
Thousands of enterprises use PrinterLogic’s patent-pending printer and driver management platform to deliver Mobile, Pull and Virtual printing, while eliminating print servers and providing a self-service portal that empowers end users to install their own printers. PrinterLogic recently won the 2017 Buyers Laboratory prestigious Pick award as Outstanding Enterprise Print Environment Platform. In addition, the company has been recognized twice as one of the fastest growing companies in North America – being ranked number 141 overall (and 8th amongst software vendors) on the Inc. 5000 and number 107 on the Deloitte Fast 500. For more information, or for a free trial, please visit www.printerlogic.com. Questions? Watch our video or connect with us on Twitter at @PrinterLogic or follow us on FacebookLinkedInYouTubeInstagram and Google+.