ITEX 2015—Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Posted by Kyle Yardley

metcThere’s just something about the sunshine and getting to talk about PrinterLogic that makes me happy. This week, I was in Fort Lauderdale for ITEX 2015. ITEX brings together dealers, resellers, distributors, VARs, MSPs, vendors, OEMs and associations to learn about new products that increase capabilities and reduce costs for the end user.

Power Up was the theme at this year’s show. Nothing “Powers Up” an organization like empowering them to do something they did not think was even possible. The partners we spoke with were intrigued with our groundbreaking approach to eliminating print servers. Many did not know this was possible, and when they learned how simple and cost effective we have made it, they looked forward to sharing our solution with their customers.

We also gave them a sneak peak of our Mobile/BYOD Printing solution. While I can’t go into details until our official launch in a few weeks, I can say that we received an overwhelmingly positive response. They especially liked that it’s simple for IT to administer and makes it easy to print from any mobile device that has a browser, including guests and contractors. Leave a comment below if you’d like to learn more about our Mobile Printing solution.

In addition, many of their customers are preparing to move from Windows Server 2003 before the July 14 End of Support deadline from Microsoft. Migrating print services to a new server is more complex than many believe and the print server upgrade costs are considerable, especially if you have multiple print servers. With PrinterLogic, customers are able to easily migrate their print services to the new server, while eliminating the need for print servers and enabling centralized management of their printer environment.

As always, we look forward to sharing the power of what we do. I have been doing this for more than three years and the response we get never ceases to amaze me. We’ll be at HDI this week to show our help our Help Desk/Service Desk friends how to empower end users to install their own printers, eliminating costly service desk calls and freeing them to work on projects that will move the organization forward.