Food Services Company in Canada Eliminates 25 Print Servers and Sees Print Management Time Plummet by 70 Percent with PrinterLogic

Posted by Andrew Miller

When you think of food services, you don’t necessarily think of enterprise printing. But the need for printing—make that highly available, flexible, effortless printing—is ubiquitous, regardless of an organization’s industry sector or its size. And that’s why so many organizations are turning to PrinterLogic.

Take one of Canada’s largest food processing companies. The complex global logistics of its ingredient supply, food production and perishable product distribution call for an enterprise print environment capable of meeting those demands. The company’s includes over 500 physical printers located among more than 25 sites.

When the independent research firm TechValidate surveyed the company as part of a recent case study (TVID: 776-88D-97D), they found that it had migrated to PrinterLogic to help solve a number of problems and shortcomings with their existing print management solution. These included:

  • Consolidating the company’s server infrastructure
  • Simplifying mobile, BYOD and guest printing enterprise-wide
  • Streamlining end-user printer installation
  • Ensuring high availability for enterprise print services
  • Centralizing printer, print queue and driver management
  • Deploying printers without scripts and GPOs

In addition to solving those problems and addressing those shortcomings, the company experienced the following results:

  • The company fully installed PrinterLogic within just 10 days
  • The ROI of implementing PrinterLogic was more than 300%
  • The time spent on print management plummeted by 70%
  • The number of print-related calls to the service desk was halved
  • The resources allocated to the remote server infrastructure fell by 70%

By migrating to PrinterLogic, the company was also able to rid its enterprise print environment of more than 25 costly and troublesome print servers. What’s more, the break-even point for their investment in PrinterLogic was less than three months! No wonder the company was further compelled to rate PrinterLogic’s ease of use and ease of deployment as amazing, and its speed of deployment and security as excellent.

“PrinterLogic has helped us reduce a lot of calls to the help desk and has allowed system admins to give the task of managing printers to the help desk instead of using print servers,” said a server administrator at the company.

TechValidate Case Study: Canadian Large Enterprise Food Company