Guest Blog: Leveraging PrinterLogic’s Effortless Management to Eliminate GPOs

Posted by Joel Brooks

This is a “part two” to my earlier guest blog describing our experience with PrinterLogic at Navicent Health, a large nonprofit healthcare corporation based in Georgia.

In that post, I talked about how PrinterLogic enabled us to consolidate several virtual pools that we had been forced to create in our VMware environment in order to provide printing capabilities to our staff in remote medical facilities. I also mentioned that we had experimented—and struggled—with a competing software solution in the face of those challenges.

A lot of that was due to how that particular printing solution, like many others, relies on Group Policy for printer deployments.

Now, I fully recognize that Group Policy has its place in enterprise IT. But I’m also of the opinion that you’re better off when you keep Group Policy to an absolute minimum. Many of us—especially those of us in the healthcare industry—administer environments that are in constant flux, and Group Policy just can’t adapt fast enough. It becomes an obstacle to administration rather than a tool.

Another obstacle is the last thing you want in a high-stakes VDI environment.

Moving beyond Group Policy
Instead of using Group Policy to push certain printers to a certain terminal, PrinterLogic handles the configuration and execution of deployment itself. You just make the printer-client association in the web-based console, and that’s it. There’s no voodoo involved in the setup or crossing your fingers each time a user logs on and hoping for a successful deployment.

That makes our end users’ jobs easier. With all the other responsibilities they’re juggling, they don’t want to fight with their printer; they just want to be able to print. Not having to worry about printing means they can focus their energy on our core business: patient care.

Eliminating Group Policy with PrinterLogic makes IT’s job easier too.

In our own organization, for example, our remote technicians have access to PrinterLogic’s management console. Should a thin-client terminal conk out or need replacing, they can simply install a new terminal and update the hostname in PrinterLogic. There’s no need for them to call anyone with higher-level access, and the end users can be up and running with the new terminal with zero printing interruption.

Even more ease of management
With PrinterLogic, the same benefits we see from eliminating Group Policy extend to day-to-day management.

At Navicent, we have a managed service provider (MSP) who has to swap out printers or update device firmware from time to time. In the past, if the MSP made changes like that without also updating the name of the device or changing its drivers on the print server, it would put us at risk of all kinds of problems. In a VMware environment like ours, I would have to delete the printer, re-add it, recompose the virtual pool and hope everything worked.

That’s all changed now with PrinterLogic. Updates in the management console are reflected instantly and are pushed out to all the associated devices. So if we change the name of a printer, the thin clients are quietly and seamlessly alerted to that change. The clients don’t end up hunting for printers that don’t exist. And neither do the end users.

Thanks to the consolidation of our VDI environment and the elimination of Group Policy, we’re no longer wasting unnecessary time on printing and print management. The staff at our hospitals and medical centers can roam and print without a second thought, and IT staff like me can concentrate on our other duties. Based on the time and headache we’ve saved, PrinterLogic has paid for itself.

PrinterLogic Releases Print Management Solution for MSPs

ST. GEORGE, UT—November 20, 2018—PrinterLogic, a leading innovator in enterprise print management software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with The 20, an exclusive business development group for managed service providers, to deliver SaaS print management solutions to their partners and clients.

As PrinterLogic’s newest MSP partner, The 20 joins other notable companies, such as Helion Automotive Technologies, Pioneer Technology and Strata Information Technology, in providing a powerful, versatile, streamlined and consistent print-management solution developed specifically for MSPs.

“Managing printers and drivers in a customer environment with traditional methods wastes time, kills budgets and eats into a MSP’s profits,” said Jon Gibbs, vice president, Customer Success at PrinterLogic. “The 20 has built its reputation on providing MSPs with strategic technology solutions, and we look forward to helping their partners solve end users’ print management issues.”

PrinterLogic’s PrinterCloud for MSPs is a zero-footprint, cloud-based solution comparable with PrinterLogic’s proven on-premises software, an enterprise-grade print-management solution that is highly scalable and incredibly cost effective. In addition to providing native pull printing and mobile printing capabilities, PrinterCloud for MSPs delivers the following features and benefits:

  • All instances of PrinterCloud are managed from a single screen, including the ability to create new instances
  • Single sign-on to every PrinterCloud instance
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • The ability to monitor license consumption
  • Simplified billing using an MSP model, including tools for license reporting and usage dashboards.

“Our next-generation software uniquely combines the simplicity and reliability of direct-IP printing with the power of centralized management,” continued Gibbs. “This enables MSPs to manage the print environments of their entire customer pool from a single web-based console.”

For more information about PrinterLogic, visit the company website or connect on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About PrinterLogic
Thousands of enterprises use PrinterLogic’s patent-pending printer and driver management platform to deliver mobile, pull and virtual printing, while eliminating print servers and providing a self-service portal that empowers end users to install their own printers. The company has been included multiple times on the Inc. 500 and Deloitte Fast 500 lists of fastest growing companies in North America.

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Powerful, Streamlined Print Management for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managing one print environment can be hard enough. Managing several at the same time can seem downright daunting. And for managed service providers (MSPs) whose cost structures are highly sensitive to extra investment of time and resources, every second spent struggling with a print-management issue has the potential to weigh heavily on the bottom line.

MSPs have another fundamental concern: customer satisfaction. Unlike an organization where print infrastructure is managed in-house, an MSP’s end users can decide to contract with another provider at any time. That puts particular importance on retaining existing customers and attracting new ones, which means that quality of service has to remain uncompromisingly high. Ongoing printing problems, even minor ones that might be tolerated elsewhere, can put an MSP out of business.

The catch here is that, in addition to facing more than the usual number of challenges, MSPs also have a unique set of print-management requirements. Ideally, they want a single, uniform print-management solution that allows them to deliver a core suite of services to their customers while also providing a consistent management experience. Yet MSPs’ customers can have very different environments and a wide variety of printing needs, so any solution also has to be versatile enough to accommodate these disparities.

Bearing that in mind, a print-management solution that’s optimized for MSPs should meet the following criteria:

  • Powerful: Admins have access to a comprehensive suite of printer- and driver-management tools, including advanced features.
  • Intuitive: Profile settings as well as automated deployments and installations are easy to configure with granular precision.
  • Versatile: The solution integrates seamlessly with any environment without sacrificing reliability, functionality or ease of use.
  • Robust: Single points of failure and WAN dependencies are either reduced or eliminated completely, ensuring maximum uptime and uninterrupted printing.
  • Centralized: The MSP is able to fully manage the print environment for every customer, no matter how distributed, from a single pane of glass.
  • Consistent: The administrative experience is the same across the entire customer pool, regardless of differences in printer fleets or printing habits.
  • Streamlined: Administrative tasks are as efficient as possible and don’t require multiple interactions when one will do.
  • Scalable: The print-management solution effortlessly adapts as the customer’s print environment shrinks, expands or evolves over time.

Another thing to consider is that any print-management solution that is truly geared toward MSPs should also offer opportunities to add value. For example, one customer might want secure printing capabilities, whereas another wants to implement cross-platform mobile and BYOD printing. An MSP who’s able to provide this kind of added value in a cost-effective way—that is, with minimal physical infrastructure and low administrative overhead—is going to be much more attractive to those customers.

PrinterLogic meets these demanding MSP criteria
Although traditional print-management solutions like print servers would find it impossible to fulfill all those demanding criteria, PrinterLogic’s enterprise print-management solutions are able to meet them without reservation.

Our next-generation software uniquely combines the simplicity and reliability of direct-IP printing with the power of centralized management, enabling MSPs to manage the print environments of their entire customer pool from a single web-based console. This also gives PrinterLogic core capabilities like eliminating print servers, advanced printer deployments without the need for GPOs or scripts, self-service printer installations, and seamless integration alongside virtual solutions.

That’s not just theoretical. MSPs like Helion Automotive Technologies and Strata Information Technology have implemented PrinterLogic’s low-footprint, on-premises software solution for their customers in very different sectors. Helion, for instance, focuses on the automotive industry, supplying 650 car dealerships and their 28,000 employees with core IT services. Strata IT, on the other hand, draws some of its largest customers from the healthcare industry.

In each case, both MSPs saw a massive reduction in the time spent on print management after implementing PrinterLogic. Strata IT immediately experienced an estimated 50% drop in print-related support tickets, whereas Helion has leveraged PrinterLogic to cut 20 hours off each of its regular print-server migrations. The two MSPs also cited increased customer satisfaction as a result of their increased responsiveness, the reduced number of routine printing problems and the improved visibility into new areas of the print environment, such as consumable costs.

The next-gen features you expect from a next-gen solution
PrinterLogic also offers a SaaS counterpart called PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud). This zero-footprint, cloud-based solution offers feature parity with PrinterLogic’s proven on-premises software, giving MSPs and their customers the option of a flexible, enterprise-grade print-management solution that is infinitely scalable and incredibly cost-effective. Pioneer Technology is just one MSP that is using PrinterLogic SaaS to further its “cloud-first” philosophy and retain a competitive edge among its peers in the banking, healthcare and retail industries.

And when it comes to adding value, both of PrinterLogic’s solutions are able to provide native pull printing and mobile printing capabilities along with comprehensive print auditing tools. This kind of advanced functionality is increasingly sought after by organizations that are looking to harden their print security, provide tightly controlled but full-featured printing to their BYOD users, or gain insight into printing habits for the sake of cost-cutting and efficiency.

Sign up for a full-featured demo today to experience the advantages of PrinterLogic’s next-generation centrally managed direct-IP printing. You can test our solution at no cost for 30 days and see how it can transform print management for you and your customers.

PrinterLogic Ranked One of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America on Deloitte’s Fast 500™

ST. GEORGE, UT—November 15, 2018—PrinterLogic, a leading innovator in enterprise print management software solutions, today announced it ranked 376 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America.

PrinterLogic’s chief executive officer, Ryan Wedig, credits the company’s award-winning cloud solutions and talented team for the company’s rapid revenue growth.

“We are honored to be listed on the Deloitte Fast 500 for the second year in a row,” said Ryan Wedig, CEO of PrinterLogic. “This recognition shows that our innovative approach to print management solutions, along with our partnerships with leading MSPs, is changing the way people view print services.”

PrinterLogic delivers an on-premises web application that simplifies the management, migration and provisioning of printers. PrinterLogic’s innovative, centrally managed direct IP print management software delivers mobile, pull and virtual printing capabilities to customers and eliminates print servers and their associated maintenance costs. In addition, it reduces printing waste, provides end users more secure options for printing and simplifies the users’ workload.

“Congratulations to the Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 500 winners on this impressive achievement,” said Sandra Shirai, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP, and U.S. technology, media and telecommunications leader. “These companies are innovators who have converted their disruptive ideas into products, services and experiences that can captivate new customers and drive remarkable growth.”

PrinterLogic previously ranked 99 as a Technology Fast 500™ award winner for 2017.

Overall, 2018 Technology Fast 500™ companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 143 percent to 77,260 percent from 2014 to 2017, with median growth of 412 percent.

About Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500™
Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 provides a ranking of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies—both public and private—in North America. Technology Fast 500 award winners are selected based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth from 2014 to 2017.

In order to be eligible for Technology Fast 500 recognition, companies must own proprietary intellectual property or technology that is sold to customers in products that contribute to a majority of the company’s operating revenues. Companies must have base-year operating revenues of at least $50,000 USD, and current-year operating revenues of at least $5 million USD. Additionally, companies must be in business for a minimum of four years and be headquartered within North America.

About PrinterLogic
Thousands of enterprises use PrinterLogic’s patent-pending printer and driver management platform to deliver mobile, pull and virtual printing, while eliminating print servers and providing a self-service portal that empowers end users to install their own printers. The company has been included multiple times on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in North America.

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PrinterLogic and IGEL Team to Provide End Users with Streamlined Printer Installation

ST. GEORGE, UT—November 13, 2018—PrinterLogic, a leading innovator in enterprise print management software solutions announced that it has teamed with IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, integrating the latest version of the IGEL OS, version 10.05.100, into its enterprise print management software solution.

With this latest release, PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software allows users to install centrally managed direct IP printers on IGEL users’ endpoint devices. PrinterLogic’s centrally managed direct IP printing solution can be configured on any IGEL OS-powered endpoint. This capability enables print jobs to be sent directly from the endpoint device to the printer, easing overall printer management in addition to increasing end-user productivity.

“We’ve built our software with the end-user in mind and an eye to alleviating the hassle and cost of typical printing installations by moving the process to the cloud,” said Garrett Helmer, senior vice president, channels at PrinterLogic. “This partnership with IGEL is the perfect opportunity to expand our capabilities and highlight the simplification of what has historically been a tedious and time-consuming task. Between IGEL and PrinterLogic, we can significantly ease the burdens that often bog down IT teams.”

In the collaborative software, IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS), the PrinterLogic Client and Admin Consoles communicate to enable centrally managed direct IP printers to be installed on IGEL thin-client devices. Using home URLs and security tokens, the process is quick, simple and secure, and delivers a uniform print experience regardless of whether users are in a traditional or VDI environment.

“With this latest IGEL OS release, we are continuing to refine the platform’s capabilities to further enable our customers and partners with the industry’s most innovative, software-defined endpoint management solutions,” said Matthias Haas, CTO of IGEL. “PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software is a perfect fit with our newest release and our company direction as a whole.”

The IGEL OS 10.05.100 and full PrinterLogic integration is available now.

About PrinterLogic
Thousands of enterprises use PrinterLogic’s patent-pending printer and driver management platform to deliver mobile, pull and virtual printing, while eliminating print servers and providing a self-service portal that empowers end users to install their own printers. The company has been included multiple times on the Inc. 500 and Deloitte Fast 500 lists of fastest growing companies in North America.

About IGEL
IGEL delivers powerful unified endpoint management software that is revolutionary in its simplicity and purpose-built for the enterprise. The company’s world-leading software products include the IGEL OS™, Universal Desktop Converter™(UDC), IGEL Cloud Gateway™(ICG), IGEL UD Pocket™(UDP) and Universal Management Suite™(UMS). These solutions enable a more secure, manageable and cost-effective endpoint management platform across nearly any x86 device. Additionally, IGEL’s German-engineered and -manufactured thin, zero and all-in-one client solutions deliver the industry’s best warranty, support and management functionality. IGEL has offices worldwide and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. IGEL enables enterprises to precisely control all devices running IGEL OS as well as Windows OS from a single dashboard interface. For more information, visit

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Guest Blog: Simplifying a “Clustered” Virtual Environment with PrinterLogic

Posted by Joel Brooks

I work as an Information Services Technician Level III for Navicent Health, a nonprofit healthcare corporation that provides a wide range of care across a large network of hospitals and care centers throughout central Georgia.

We have about 5,000 employees and, as you can probably imagine, a large printer fleet of about 1,500 devices that includes copy machines, multi-function devices and label printers.

Before we discovered PrinterLogic, one of our primary printing problems involved our VMware thin-client VDI environment. To get printing to work between VMware and PowerWorks, our electronic medical records (EMR) solution, we had to create separate virtual machine pools around on the printer they used. We would locally embed printers into a virtual parent image and deploy that image to those pools. Virtual thin-client terminals would then get their printers depending on the pool they joined.

That meant we had multiple virtual environments for one location. It wasn’t easy to administer, but we probably could have lived with it if it worked.

Except it didn’t. A physician might log into one terminal, pull up the chart for his next patient, then walk twenty feet down the hall to the room where the patient was waiting. If the terminal in that room was in a different pool, his session wouldn’t follow him. He would have to pull up the patient chart all over again.

Because of the hoops we had to jump through just to set up printing, we lost our roaming capability. We were also making daily onsite support visits for issues that we should have been able to manage remotely.

Which kind of defeats the point of having a VDI solution at all.

Searching for solutions
At first we tried using a software printing solution to address our clustered virtual environment, but that only led to a new set of problems. I remember struggling with it and its deployment protocols, and the technician that came out to advise us only ended up confusing us more. The diagram he drew to demonstrate our ideal setup looked like a John Madden play-by-play.

I’d had a great experience with PrinterLogic at my previous employer, which was another large healthcare organization with a virtual environment, so I recommended that we give PrinterLogic a try here at Navicent.

We set up a PrinterLogic demo server. After three weeks of unsuccessfully trying to configure the prior solution, we were up and running with PrinterLogic within thirty minutes.

No more clusters, no more onsite visits
PrinterLogic enabled us to consolidate our virtual clusters—our primary printing and administrative headache—almost instantly.

What does that look like on the ground?

It means that the medical staff log in first thing in the morning, get their virtual session, and that virtual session stays with them the entire day. As soon as they tap out of a terminal and tap in again, the same session that they had pulls up with all the right information. They can badge in and out everywhere. There’s no thirty-minute wait for Windows to build their profile. And they can always print to a local printer. We now have true, seamless roaming.

Along with streamlining our VMware environment, we also saw our print-related support calls drop to almost nothing. I used to get multiple calls a day from perturbed physicians asking why they had to log in over and over again and start fresh each time. Since implementing PrinterLogic, I go months between support calls.

When I first started, I was going down to our remote locations every day trying to fix printers or virtual environments. Not anymore. Onsite visits are more like a casual friendly check-in.

PrinterLogic didn’t just stop at simplifying VDI printing. It also solved our deployment issues by eliminating group policy requirements. That’s something I’ll describe in more detail in a follow-up post.