Four Tips to Reduce IT Infrastructure

Technology is the fuel for our digital world and integrated into every professional field. It’s a universal necessary component for employees to communicate, complete tasks, and make over-arching advances.

None of this is possible without an IT department in each workplace managing an organization’s devices, networks, and cyber security. To do all this, each company works off of an IT infrastructure designed to manage and operate enterprise environments. 

With the recent demand to quickly accommodate remote work environments, infrastructure costs and complexities have increased. Ensure your company is set up for success by following these four tips for reducing IT infrastructure.

1. Reassess Your Strategy

If you’re currently following a traditional IT infrastructure, it may be time to reassess and transition to a cloud structure. Traditional infrastructures consist of mulitiple software and hardware needs—such as data centers, servers, facilities, etc.—but this upkeep requires quite a bit of power and physical space. This results in high costs, excessive employee efforts, and wasted time. 

Switching to a cloud computing IT infrastructure is a modern alternative to streamline your efforts. This approach includes the necessary components—hardware, virtualization, storage, and network—but it doesn’t take as much manpower to manage and support as the traditional approach. With a cloud infrastructure, processes are simplified for both IT administrators and end users, reducing complexities and costs.

2. Eliminate Print Servers

Office printing is often overlooked as a simple function, but the technology and management behind the scenes are far more complex. A big reduction to IT infrastructure can be made by eliminating your workplace’s print servers.

Serverless printing allows you to centrally manage printer objects, drivers, profiles, and settings all from one pane of glass. Yes, you read that correctly. By eliminating print servers, you’re in turn eliminating draining facets of your IT infrastructure.  

3. Reduce Help Desk Tickets

Fielding high volumes of help desk requests weigh down IT departments’ resources. Most of these tickets are print-related, resulting in IT admins having to bounce around all day personally addressing each request, leaving little time for other work. Moving to a cloud-based system for both printing and other needs means help desk tickets will dramatically decline. 

The previous influx of tickets submitted because print updates needed to be installed or user permissions were incorrect are gone because they’re now being pushed automatically, company-wide. In addition, persistent requests to address issues on your IT hardware are also long gone because changes to individual devices are now sent fleet-wide with a few clicks.

4. Incorporate a Print Management Solution

We know the daunting process of breaking down, assessing, and reducing your organization’s IT infrastructure is an excessive amount of work. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. By incorporating a print management solution, the tips we’ve outlined above will all be taken care of for you. 

PrinterLogic’s print management solution is a cloud-based platform that will streamline print processes across the board. Less time will be allocated to print-oriented problems and upkeep, therefore reducing your IT infrastructure exponentially.