METC 2015—St. Charles Missouri

Posted by Kyle Yardley

metcMissouri is commonly known as the “Show-Me-State.” This week I attended METC 2015 in St. Charles, and it was all about showing off technology-based products that help improve schools and classrooms throughout the Midwest. I was fortunate enough to share our printer management solution that eliminates print servers and enables centrally managed direct IP printing.

IT personnel from many of the districts I spoke with were in the midst of implementing their 1:1 initiative. They shared their concerns about the difficulty students, faculty and staff have printing from a myriad of devices. They were happy to learn that our solution makes it easy to print from popular devices, including iPads, Androids, Chromebooks and more. Also popular was our self-installation portal that empowers users to install their own printers from an intuitive floor plan map without the need to call IT for help—a particular concern for teachers.

It was clear that the District and IT leaders I spoke with were very interested in finding the technologies that will be used to empower their students. We are proud to be part of that equation.

If you haven’t already, let us give you a demo so you can see for yourself how we are working with major education customers to eliminate print servers, empower IT and teachers, cut costs and enhance the learning environment.

TCEA 2015—Austin Texas

Posted by Kyle Yardley

They say everything is bigger in Texas. With over 450 vendors and more than 8,000 attendees, TCEA in Austin proved to be just that. Teachers, administrators and IT managers were on hand to learn about new ideas and products they could take back to their schools. I think its safe to say that PrinterLogic was a shining star for those looking to empower the end user by giving them a better printing experience.

The technology specialists we spoke with talked a lot about rolling out mobile devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks, as part of their 1:1 initiatives, but not being able to effectively manage printing for these devices. Their eyes lit up when we explained that PrinterLogic solves their iPads and Chromebook printing problems. The excitement increased as we told them at the same time they could eliminate their pesky print servers.

Also at the show were many current customers. It was great to hear how happy they were with PrinterLogic. Several school districts that stopped by were in trial and looking forward to rolling the solution out to all of their schools. Talking to them about how easy it is to push out printers to end users and offer them a way to self install their own printers using our Self-Installation Portal with floor plan maps.

This show gets bigger and better every year. It was great to be a part of it. Texas is a proud state. Managing printing is a major problem for our customers. We are proud to solve that problem by eliminating print servers and providing centrally managed direct IP printing while reducing printer-related help desk calls and empowering users to install their own printers.