Ways to Reduce Enterprise Print Costs

Posted by Andrew Miller

Many PrinterLogic customers tell us that they initially decided to implement our print management solution to simplify and consolidate their enterprise print environment. They wanted advantages like more efficient printer, driver, and queue management, increased uptime, an improved end-user printer installation experience, plus seamless integration with virtual environments like Citrix and VMware. At the same time, they were pleasantly surprised to find that PrinterLogic was a great way to reduce enterprise print costs.

The reason for that is because PrinterLogic was designed with holistic, enterprise-wide efficiency in mind. It doesn’t reduce print costs as a temporary, one-time benefit—it does so over the long-term, which means that the cost savings your organization experiences after installing PrinterLogic are often savings that continue indefinitely.

So just how is PrinterLogic so effective at reducing printing costs for organizations of all sizes across every sector, whether it be education, finance, heavy industry, government, healthcare or beyond?

  • By eliminating print servers. PrinterLogic allows you to duplicate all the functionality you derive from print servers while introducing additional leading-edge features like Mobile Printing. This reduces hardware infrastructure dramatically—along with the reducing the ongoing costs of maintaining, upgrading and replacing print servers.
  • By providing powerful auditing tools. This way you can monitor printer and consumable (e.g., toner, paper) usage at an unprecedented level of detail. Based on survey results from an independent research firm, our customers frequently see reductions in consumables of 70%—or more. With a greater awareness of the “invisible” costs of consumables, several organizations have even witnessed a permanent cultural shift toward reduced consumption after installing PrinterLogic.
  • By saving time. Thanks to PrinterLogic’s built-in automation capabilities and effortless centralized management of printers, drivers and print queues throughout the entire enterprise, the IT staff no longer has to devote as much time to basic oversight and administration of the print environment. That frees them up to focus on different responsibilities, potentially reducing costs along other areas of your organization’s IT backbone.
  • By empowering end users. Too many print management solutions devalue end users by forcing them to be the weakest links in the print environment chain. PrinterLogic takes the opposite approach. Our self-service installation portal puts routine printer installation in the hands of the users themselves, so they can easily and reliably access the printers they need without having to call the service desk. That increases their productivity while also lightening the burden on IT. Every one of our customers cites this as one of their top-ranked PrinterLogic features.
  • By staying ahead of the curve. As enterprise priorities change with the times, PrinterLogic allows you to remain on the cutting edge without having to make repeated massive investments on third-party solutions that require long installations or testing phases. For example, our Mobile Printing and Pull Printing solutions work smoothly and seamlessly with any kind of print environment, even legacy hardware or BYOD users.

As a result, PrinterLogic gets right to the heart of the issues that drive up enterprise printing costs. It cuts waste of print consumables, reduces the costs of purchasing, deploying and maintaining servers and endpoint devices, boosts the productivity of IT staff as well as end users, and keeps your organization responsive to the newest trends in business technology. Who would have thought that one solution to reduce printing costs could be so far-reaching?