Ways to Enhance Your Company’s Print Audit Capabilities

Posted by Devin Anderson

“What kind of print auditing mechanism do you have in place?”

Whenever we ask this question, we’re always surprised to discover how few organizations have fully implemented print auditing software—particularly because print auditing has the ability to supply valuable real-time and historical snapshots of enterprise print environments. Sure, some organizations make use of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring and keep track of basic information like toner levels and page counts, but dedicated print auditing software has the power to deliver even more information. Lots more.

Yet print auditing isn’t just about gathering information. It’s about making sense of that information. Print auditing reports give you macro- and micro-level views of your entire print environment, allowing you to pose and quickly answer questions such as:

  • Which workstation printed a 500-page document at 8pm last night?
  • When and where did a document “Presentation.pptx” get printed?
  • Who are the company’s most resource-intensive print users?
  • Which printers are the most heavily utilized and possibly approaching end-of-life?
  • How has individual, departmental or enterprise-wide print usage changed over time?

When it comes to useful printer audit insights like these, most print management solutions offer functionality that is limited at best. They might be able to show recent or even lifetime activity for a given printer, but they can’t enlighten you about trends or context.

PrinterLogic’s built-in print auditing, on the other hand, is full-featured and comprehensive. It enhances your company’s print auditing capabilities by providing you with all the systematized data you need to make smart, cost-effective choices about hardware phase-outs, recommend changes to company printing policy, or get a solid fix on overall return on investment (ROI). PrinterLogic even gives you unprecedented oversight over your USB printers. Your enterprise print environment goes from being a general mystery to something that’s comprehensible and quantifiable.

Print auditing software can be proactive too. With PrinterLogic, it’s almost like having a trusted print advisor by your side. That’s because PrinterLogic can offer time- and money-saving guidance about printer consolidation in situations where certain printers are being routinely underutilized. It can also help keep your print environment secure. If a user prints a document labeled “Confidential” or “Classified,” PrinterLogic’s printer auditing will notify you.

And that’s just a small overview of what print auditing software can do. Not to mention the fact that PrinterLogic customers have managed to use our intuitive Print Auditing feature to monitor, address and cut the cost of consumables by upwards of 50%, ultimately saving themselves tens of thousands of dollars per year.

With all those benefits in mind, your organization is at a disadvantage if it’s not taking print auditing seriously. Here at PrinterLogic, we take it pretty seriously ourselves, and we’d love to give you a demo of how our solution can benefit your organization.