SNMP Monitoring

Posted by Jordan Lindsey

In today’s print management ecosystem, the availability of the physical device and the need to know what is and isn’t working is a high priority. PrinterLogic can transform your printing environment into a centralized direct IP environment, removing the need for print servers, server management, downtime, and other daunting tasks. PrinterLogic also makes available the SNMP status of the physical devices, helping you avoid a long lasting paper jam, a tray being left open on accident, or other errors that can cause unnecessary downtime.

PrinterLogic constantly communicates and reports back any errors the printer currently has, e.g. printer is low on paper or has a paper jam. Each printer managed by PrinterLogic has a “Status” tab that allows the instant view of that printer, including: Community Name (adjustable), Ping Status, Last Updated, Console Message, Operational State, Current Status, Error Condition, Model, Color (supported), Duplex (supported), Uptime, Hostname, IP Address, MAC Address and Lifetime Page Count. You can set a timer on how you view this information, or you can always click a refresh button to get an instant new view.

Along with the Status tab, there are also reports that can be viewed or used as a dashboard. You can view “All Printers” or “Printers w/ Errors Only” which will give you a view for the entire company. You can sort on any column, search certain times, names, errors or other information that is relevant for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Each report can be set to auto-refresh, they can also be exported out, allowing you to easily and quickly email the report to someone to further address a printer hands on.

SNMP monitoring is great, but what you really need is the ability to be proactive about monitoring your printers. PrinterLogic provides the ability to notify whoever you choose—whether that be IT admin, help desk or your MPS—when there is an error. You can choose what error spurs the notification, enabling you to preemptively eliminate help desk calls and downtime for users.

To learn more about how PrinterLogic’s SNMP monitoring can help your printing environment, schedule a demo today.