Make Enterprise Cloud Printing Easy with PrinterLogic

Posted by Jordan Pusey

Now that mobile and BYOD printing have made such rapid inroads into the enterprise, various cloud printing services and cloud printing solutions have rushed in to address this relatively new and still-evolving need. That’s understandable. However, many of the features that they claim will provide cloud print functionality are simply stopgaps, limited in their usability. For example, two of the more common cloud printing solutions including Google Cloud Print, are better geared toward consumer-level needs and only work with select mobile and print devices.

PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing is an enterprise-grade cloud printing solution that delivers true cloud print functionality to any mobile device, regardless of manufacturer or software platform, enabling these devices to send print jobs to any printer without the need for any additional software to be installed. All mobile users have to do to cloud print natively from their devices is print natively from an Android device or use the email-to-print features. No additional app or client installation is necessary. And it even works with legacy printers; they don’t need to have built-in cloud printing capabilities.

Furthermore, Mobile Printing from PrinterLogic does more than provide a solid cloud printing service for company-sanctioned mobile devices. It also endows BYOD users, contractors and guests with cloud print functionality. Under most circumstances, these “outside” users are prevented from printing at all using their preferred devices within the enterprise because of the protracted process of network authorization and printer installation, not to mention broader security concerns.

PrinterLogic leverages proven email-to-print capabilities to provide this traditionally hard-to-support group of users with an easy cloud printing solution – even if they happen to be off-network. For these users to cloud print, they just have to acquire the dedicated email address for a particular printer and then email the desired files to that address using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. That’s it. Once again, unlike other cloud printing services, Mobile Printing places no restrictions on the types of devices that can cloud print or the printers that can handle such jobs.

PrinterLogic’s ease of use as a cloud printing solution for both IT and end users also means less time spent on support, cloud print configuration and service desk calls. And because it can integrate seamlessly with your existing PrinterLogic environment, the deployment process is as fast as you want it to be.

With all that in mind, it’s clear that few, if any, enterprise cloud printing services can accomplish as much—and as quickly and easily—as PrinterLogic.