Location-Based Printing in VMware View

Posted by Devin Anderson

Ever had a lucky break? It probably came down to being in the right place at the right time.

On that basis, printing in VMware View can sometimes seem like a matter of luck. But that’s clearly not how it ought to be. With VMware location-based printing, every user should get the right printer deployed in the right place at the right time—every time.

PrinterLogic takes the element of chance out of VMware View printing by reliably deploying nearby printers to the correct users based on specific criteria that you set, including:

  • Active Directory (AD) user, group or organizational unit (OU)
  • End users’ proximity to certain printers
  • Hardware identifiers (e.g., MAC addresses, endpoint hostnames)

With these criteria in hand, PrinterLogic then automatically determines who your VMware users are, where they are physically located, and delivers the predetermined printers and drivers to them. That enables VMware View virtual printing to become much more seamless, intentional and consistent. And that reliable precision is the same for when users roam within a VMware session. As the user moves between floors, departments or buildings, PrinterLogic will dynamically remove previous printers and provision new ones that are physically located near the end user, so that VMware location-based printing is as easy for IT as it is for your employees.

Because PrinterLogic is built on a proven direct-IP printing foundation, it enhances and simplifies VMware View printing—and can even replace native virtual printing in VMware View outright. PrinterLogic also has the ability to relay print jobs directly to endpoint devices, eliminating the customarily heavy WAN traffic that can negatively impact network performance across the enterprise. Along with PrinterLogic’s intuitive driver management for endpoint devices and efficient centralized administration, it addresses some the biggest shortcomings of VMware virtual printing to make it smoother than ever.

Should you choose to make PrinterLogic responsible for all the heavy lifting in VMware View printing,