How to Ensure High Print Availability for All Mobile Devices

Posted by Devin Anderson

Now that we’re well into the mobile computing era, our standards have changed. Just a few years ago, we might have accepted compromises when it came to network access, app functionality, or print availability on mobile devices. Not anymore. From C-suite executives all the way down to fresh-faced interns, mobile end users expect all the features and availability that traditional hardwired environments have offered. That includes enterprise-grade printing from mobile devices.

This naturally poses a challenge for organizations. Until now, there hasn’t been a cost-effective, user-friendly way to implement enterprise mobile printing. Solutions like Google Cloud Print and AirPrint have attempted to bridge the gap, but they require devices that support their proprietary functionality. That means either replacing your existing printer fleet or limiting mobile device printing to select printers. Obviously, neither of those is ideal. The first case requires considerable expense to guarantee high availability when printing from mobile devices, whereas the second actually restricts availability.

Typically, one of the further drawbacks of alternative enterprise mobile printing solutions has been special software clients or apps that need to be installed on the mobile devices. The problem with this, of course, is that it is hard to ensure broad compatibility across multiple operating systems (and different versions thereof). For printing from mobile devices to work properly in this case, it’s also necessary to have smooth and reliable communication between the client and the printer—which is hard to guarantee in real-world scenarios that have so many variables.

PrinterLogic has an enterprise mobile printing solution that ensures high print availability while meeting considerations like practicality and cost. It’s called, simply enough, Mobile Printing, and it’s so versatile that organizations of any size, structure or sector can implement it in order to achieve intuitive, ubiquitous mobile device printing. It sidesteps many of the potential complications when printing from mobile devices and seamlessly integrates into any environment through three unique strengths:

  • There’s no software to install. Unlike lesser enterprise mobile printing solutions, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing requires no client-side apps or similar software. Everything is handled directly by PrinterLogic’s print management solution.
  • It works with any device. It doesn’t matter whether your organization issues its own prescribed mobile devices or has a relaxed BYOD policy. Mobile Printing from PrinterLogic lets your users print from any mobile device.
  • It works with any printer. No need to abandon your legacy printers or restrict users to a small pool of expensive mobile-printing-capable printers. PrinterLogic enables mobile device printing to any network printer.

To print from their mobile devices, all users have to do is tap the “Share” button, then “Print,” and finally select a PrinterLogic printer as their print option. It’s that easy. They don’t have to struggle at all with downloading apps or installing new printers, which means that enterprise mobile printing functionality is available whenever they need it.

For BYOD users and guests, availability is just as high. Instead of tapping the “Share” button, mobile device printing takes place using proven email-to-print functionality. All these users have to do is acquire the dedicated email address for their desired printer and send their files to it. It then enters the queue just like any other print job.

It’s through this incredible simplicity that PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing delivers unprecedented print availability to all of your mobile and BYOD users. It’s the easiest and most robust way to implement enterprise mobile printing.