How to drastically reduce printer-related service desk calls

You can probably imagine how eliminating print servers also helps to end single points of failure.

This means increased printer availability and more printer uptime at your organization. A welcome bonus? Fewer calls to the service desk.

That said, most printer-related service requests aren’t complaints about a single unavailable printer. They actually have to do with employees not being able to install the printers in the first place. Traditional print management solutions certainly don’t make this easy. Even tech-savvy computer users regularly run into trouble with printer installation. In remote situations, the problem is even worse.

Empower your end users

PrinterLogic’s Self-Installation Portal addresses this longstanding flaw of enterprise printing. It empowers your end users and simplifies the installation process for employees. And that’s true no matter how many sites or employees your organization has. As a matter of fact, this is where the simplicity and scalability of PrinterLogic truly shine.

As an admin, you can easily deploy printers to Active Directory users. Our print management solution lets you also deploy to computers, groups, containers, organizational units, or even entire ranges of IP addresses. From there, you can:

  • Provide a single consistent printer installation portal across your entire enterprise
  • Upload floor plan maps to enable self-service printer installation for remote employees

Suddenly, no more manual installs. The Self-Installation Portal empowers users to browse available printers, select the closest one, and then install that printer with a single click. It’s an intuitive, uniform, and secure experience no matter where they happen to be. Enterprise printing suddenly becomes about as complex as visiting a website. With that kind of ease, it’s no wonder why PrinterLogic’s enterprise customers revealed that 77% of them saw at least a 30% reduction in service desk calls.

More impressive still is that 62% of those customers saw a reduction in service desk calls by more than 50%. Even better: 41% saw a reduction of greater than 70%, while 15% saw a reduction of more than 90%.

Imagine that—a 90% reduction in service desk calls! Just think of the time and cost savings you’d achieve with even as little as a 10% or 20% reduction.

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Here are a few of our case studies of customers who have seen major reductions in printer-related service desk calls: