Get the Most Secure Print-Management Experience with PrinterLogic SaaS

As cloud adoption gains a bigger foothold in the enterprise, security remains a major concern.

A survey conducted by Techvangelism on behalf of the privileged access management provider Centrify found that 60% of businesses identified security as the top challenge for their cloud-migration projects. In its 2019 Guardians of the Cloud report, data security company Bitglass reported that 93% of its survey respondents worried about their ability to use the cloud securely.

Corporate printing and print management is no exception. Organizations that are considering moving their print infrastructure to the cloud have security front of mind. And for good reason. The risks the print environment poses to data loss shouldn’t be underestimated.

PrinterLogic SaaS, our cloud-based serverless printing infrastructure, addresses that widespread need. It’s the most secure enterprise-class print management solution you can find. That’s a big claim, but it’s one that’s supported by a robust architecture and multiple secure printing features.

What makes PrinterLogic SaaS inherently secure?

The cloud instance of PrinterLogic SaaS is hosted with AWS. As part of that, PrinterLogic has been recognized as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner that has passed the AWS Well-Architected review for security, performance and resiliency. So PrinterLogic SaaS is not only in compliance with AWS best practices, it also inherits all of the benefits of AWS cloud security.

Beyond that, PrinterLogic SaaS itself is built on a unique centrally managed direct IP model. By routing print jobs straight from the client to the printer, it keeps print traffic on the local network. Most cloud printing solutions require the print jobs to cross the WAN, which creates intercept points for malicious actors.

At the same time, PrinterLogic SaaS allows for print management from a single pane of glass. That allows for better oversight and control of the entire print environment.

PrinterLogic’s direct IP model also eliminates the need for print servers. These have been the de facto standard in corporate printing for years, and yet by design they add to an organization’s attack surface. Spooled print jobs and shared print queues create a rich target for someone who might be looking to steal sensitive data. And let’s not even get started here on print servers’ many print management headaches.

Additional secure printing features

That secure platform is augmented by several important features and integrations.

One of the most recent enhancements to PrinterLogic SaaS is integration with Okta and Azure AD. Using one of these popular cloud identity providers (IdPs), organizations can synchronize user-identity information with PrinterLogic SaaS for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) provisioning. That allows for more flexible authorization controls and as well as more robust user authentication for secure release printing through single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). 

On that note: PrinterLogic SaaS supports multiple release options for secure printing. Depending on your company’s preferred approach to print management, end users can authenticate with any of the following methods:

  • PrinterLogic’s Print Release App: Android and iOS users can conveniently use their smartphones to view, manage and release secure print jobs to authorized printers.
  • PrinterLogic Release Portal: Using their Active Directory or IdP credentials, users can log in to a web-based portal via a workstation or even a dedicated tablet device. They can then release one or more jobs to a destination printer.
  • ID card or badge: Organizations that use physical ID systems can require users to swipe their badge through an associated reader. This reader can be a standalone device or integrated into the printer itself.
  • Control Panel Application (CPA): This involves entering credentials on the printer’s embedded touchscreen. CPA authentication can also be combined with badge authentication for an extra layer of security.

PrinterLogic SaaS already leverages the benefits of our all-new Control Panel Platform, which is bringing native CPAs to every major printer brand used in corporate printing: Canon, Sharp, HP and Xerox—with Konica-Minolta, Ricoh and Lexmark coming soon. These latest-gen applications are more responsive, more consistent and more intuitive than ever before. They embody our philosophy that secure printing needs to be user-friendly in order to be as effective as possible.

PrinterLogic SaaS is uniquely secure

On top of all this, PrinterLogic SaaS is the only print management solution that’s been certified for compliance with stringent U.S. government security standards. It also offers secure-release printing that’s administered from a cloud-based console, but keeps all print jobs local and does not require any print-server infrastructure.

Just as PrinterLogic SaaS is designed to take the risk out of corporate printing, we try to remove the unknowns from migrating to PrinterLogic SaaS.