Get Rid of Costly VPNs for Your Home Office Workers

With the sudden increase in remote work due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have an easy, cost-effective and secure way for their home-based users to print.

Traditionally, a virtual private network (VPN) has been the standard approach to accommodate remote workers. A VPN enables them to connect securely to the organization’s internal network. The problem with VPNs is that it’s often difficult for remote or mobile users to set them up. Usually they have to rely on IT to configure their machines. Throughput speeds can be slower with VPNs too, which can be frustrating.

VPNs also don’t solve a lot of remote and mobile printing challenges. It’s not easy for IT to grant remote workers access to new printers or install those printers remotely. Nor does IT have much visibility into what confidential documents users might be printing at home.

Thanks to PrinterLogic’s serverless print infrastructure, printing without a VPN is not only possible, it’s also easy, secure and affordable. With our cloud-based solution, PrinterLogic SaaS, organizations can:

1. Protect documents and data

Powerful print auditing and reporting features keep IT apprised of print activity. And PrinterLogic’s secure print functionality comes in handy for those occasions when remote workers come into the office and need to print. They can release secure print jobs right from their smartphones or directly on the printer’s control panel.

2. Support seamless remote and mobile printing

PrinterLogic SaaS allows remote employees to print to any authorized printers—whether that’s at their home office or at a branch location using their BYOD smartphone. To take advantage of PrinterLogic’s mobile printing, there’s zero client-side software for admins or users to install.

3. Centrally manage printing remotely

A unique combination of centralized management and direct IP printing makes PrinterLogic SaaS ideal for busy admins. They can easily oversee and control all printer objects across the extended print environment. The PrinterLogic desktop client even lets admins monitor and manage home-based printers.

Eliminate print servers, eliminate VPNs

Many organizations turn to PrinterLogic to eliminate print servers from their enterprise print infrastructure. But the full benefits of serverless printing become apparent at a time like this, when employees who are normally on-prem find themselves working from home.

PrinterLogic SaaS enables IT to respond smoothly to a sudden change like that. How? Because serverless printing can scale and adapt quickly. New printers can be added, deployments can be altered (yes, PrinterLogic eliminates GPOs too) and print-related configurations can be adjusted with ease. And admins can do it all from a single pane of glass.

Yet that incredible flexibility doesn’t mean sacrificing security. In fact, PrinterLogic SaaS is more secure, as print jobs don’t need to be routed to a print server. That’s why other cloud printing solutions aren’t capable of printing without a VPN. PrinterLogic’s robust direct IP architecture routes print jobs straight from the workstation to the destination printer. 

All that doesn’t just help to secure print jobs. It also increases the speed and reliability of remote, VDI and mobile printing. Plus, by reducing print infrastructure and the need for complex VPNs, PrinterLogic SaaS saves money and hassle several times over. 

Support seamless remote printing today

Tazergy is a managed services provider that specializes in senior-living facilities. They support more than 150 customer locations with a huge array of individual printers across the United States. Using PrinterLogic SaaS, they’re able to provide end users with intuitive BYOD and mobile printing while managing it all from one console. Read the case study here. This white paper has even more useful details on the power and versatility of PrinterLogic SaaS.