Enterprise Mobile Printing Solutions

Posted by Devin Anderson

There’s a clear trend in today’s business climate, and that trend is toward mobility. A recent forecast from the IT analytics firm IDC estimates that the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion this year—which amounts to 37.2 percent of the total workforce on our planet.

How mobility is defined will vary from workplace to workplace, but one thing is for sure: IT departments have to respond to the increased demand for offsite and roaming employees—from interns on up to the executive level.

What complicates site flexibility is device flexibility. That is to say, employees don’t just want to work from home or on the go—they also expect a BYOD policy. They want to access the company network using their own mobile phone, their personal laptop, their preferred tablet. As you know, from a logistical standpoint, that’s not always as easy as employees might assume. Setting them up with remote access to their office e-mail account is one thing. Setting them up with enterprise mobile printing is quite another.

PrinterLogic is designed to adapt to a range of enterprise print environments, and that includes mobile device printing. Thanks to its e-mail-to-print capabilities, any authorized user with a browser-capable device can print to any authorized printer. That means Sam with his Android smartphone can easily print at the branch office where he happens to be working this week, or Sally can print that report for her colleagues on their department printer—even though she’s vacationing in Hawaii and only has her iPad. Your IT staff has complete control over who can print where. So it’s secure, but it’s also as easy and convenient as mobile enterprise printing solutions can be.

Unlike hacks and workarounds that might deliver similar benefits, PrinterLogic’s enterprise mobile printing solution has the advantage of being completely native. It integrates seamlessly with the operating system’s built-in print dialogs and allows users to print to a single global printer while releasing the job at a specific physical printer.

PrinterLogic also doesn’t rely on proprietary APIs like Google Cloud Print or iOS printing to work. Yet it integrates beautifully with third-party services like Active Directory, allowing you to decide which users are authorized to print from their mobile devices and to which printers.

The icing on the cake? Just because PrinterLogic allows you to cater to your mobile workforce doesn’t mean you have to forgo its benefits. Mobile print jobs are subject to the same comprehensive print job auditing as those generated at in-house workstations. So you can generate reports to monitor consumables usage, track which employees are regularly printing large documents, or use rule-based deleting to purge unreleased print jobs. All that can save significant costs over time.

We can’t guarantee that everything about the mobile workforce revolution will be so straightforward, but with PrinterLogic as your enterprise mobile printing solution, your company will be making a big, comfortable stride into becoming the workplace of tomorrow.