Eliminate VDI Printing Issues and Headaches

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions are used by countless organizations all over the world to provide a consistent, easily managed desktop environment to their end users. For most everyday computing tasks within these organizations, VDI solutions are ideal. But there’s one common task that has become infamous for its difficulty: VDI printing. That’s because virtual solutions, for all their obvious benefits, aren’t always suited to the logistics involved in efficient print management—reliable printer deployment and installation chief among them.

The unfortunate result is VDI printing issues that are well known to the IT community. Some of those VDI printing headaches include:

  • Challenges maintaining driver repositories and minimizing driver conflicts
  • Lack of confident and fine-grained control over printer deployments
  • WAN bottlenecks and generation of network VDI printing traffic
  • Poor integration of VDI printing solutions into the existing virtual environment

It might come as a relief to know that you don’t have to struggle with problems like these any longer. PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management solution integrates seamlessly with virtual environments like Citrix and VMware to eliminate these and other VDI printing issues with its next-generation approach. Unlike many VDI printing solutions, PrinterLogic introduces a powerful feature set that works alongside the native printing functionality of the virtual environment. By enhancing built-in VDI printing functionality rather than replacing it outright, our solution is able to deliver a smoother, more stable and more intuitive experience for admins and end users alike.

A perfect example of this is printer installation. Typically, virtual environments take a top-down approach to VDI printing, which makes it difficult for end users to install new printers without admin intervention. And that process often requires the end user to call the service desk—an investment of time and resources that can take its toll on productivity. PrinterLogic moves beyond standard VDI printing solutions by providing a convenient self-service portal. This empowers end users to install nearby printers themselves quickly and easily while avoiding VDI printing issues like misidentified printers or incomplete installations.

Another source of VDI printing issues comes from deployments. When printers are provisioned to users on the basis of group policy objects (GPOs) or custom scripts, as is common for most VDI printing solutions, these methods can prove inflexible and unreliable. The hierarchy of GPOs can be too restrictive for dynamic environments, and the demands of scripts can prolong logon times. PrinterLogic allows you to provision printers on the basis of a number of criteria, including Hostname, IP or MAC address and Active Directory (AD) user, computer, group, container or organizational unit (OU). Those variables give you a lot more precision and allow for greater automation as well as effortless location-based printing.

PrinterLogic enables your organization to eliminate VDI printing issues and related headaches by bringing intelligent, robust, feature-rich print management to your VDI printing along with seamless integration and centralized administration.