Different Workplace Configurations—and How to Support Printing in Each of Them

Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the workplace looked pretty much the same. Then, all at once, came a bunch of technological advances. We’re talking mobile devices, high-speed Internet and powerful video-conferencing software. Old office models started to change and diversify.

These days, the workplace looks very different. It would be hard to find two that are exactly alike.

And it’s not just because of new office hygiene practices in response to COVID-19. Long before the pandemic hit, employees were already starting to work more from home or on the road. Freelancers and contractors were turning traditional businesses into the gig economy. The desk-based office was evolving into something much more dynamic.

That all had an effect on printing in the workplace. Users wanted the convenience of printing from anywhere—but without added complexity. IT admins found themselves being asked to support more BYOD and guest devices or home-based printers.

As a result, organizations need more flexibility from their print-management software. However, that need creates competing demands. IT admins now must ensure ease of use while maintaining secure printing practices.


The foundation for flexible printing practices

Print-management software designed for yesterday’s office isn’t suited to newer workplace models.

That’s why PrinterLogic is different. Years ago, we saw what printing in the workplace would start to look like. The future we envisioned had less print infrastructure and much more flexibility.

Print management with advanced features

Our serverless print management solution has advanced features that meet the needs of modern work environments:

This set of features helps organizations print simply and securely. And it’s possible regardless of how they’re configured.


A print-management solution for today and tomorrow

There’s no doubt that the workplace was already in flux before COVID-19. And there’s also no doubt that it will keep changing in the years to come.

A SaaS print-management solution like PrinterLogic is here to help. Enable your organization stay several steps ahead of that change. Our centrally managed direct-IP printing solution eliminates existing print servers. Furthermore, it brings added flexibility to your workflows. PrinterLogic even supports emerging initiatives around improving secure printing and office hygiene.

Remote workers and BYOD devices have made printing in the workplace a challenge. Legacy print-management approaches simply don’t support a mobile workforce. Along with its modern take on print management, PrinterLogic provides a scalable, flexible printing solution. It admins can meet those challenges, and any others that might lie ahead.