Common Printer Driver Management Problems

Posted by Devin Anderson

In traditional enterprise print environments, there are common printer driver management problems that admins encounter on a regular basis. These include but are by no means limited to:

  • Improper 32- and 64-bit deployment
  • Incorrect printer driver configuration
  • Printer driver incompatibility with the workstation OS
  • Printer driver incompatibility with the endpoint device

Troubleshooting these problems can be time-consuming and frustrating for end users as well as IT support staff because it’s often difficult to pinpoint the root cause. Effective printer driver management can go a long way toward avoiding these issues, but most print management solutions don’t offer anything close to it. If anything, they end up complicating printer driver management. And that only intensifies for print servers.

PrinterLogic breaks the mold by being a print management solution that natively offers effortless management of print drivers. Just as you can configure, deploy and administer network printers from one centralized console, so too can you use PrinterLogic to configure, deploy and update printer drivers in the same way. PrinterLogic allows you to maintain a single printer driver repository that you can use to consistently deliver the right driver to every printer in your organization—all while keeping WAN traffic to a minimum.

Not only does PrinterLogic reliably work with all custom and manufacturer printer drivers, it also provides its own universal driver for fail-safe printing. Its built-in multi-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux end-user workstations ensures full-featured, dependable printing even in mixed-OS environments. Plus you can have 32- and 64-bit drivers so that those platforms can exist side by side without worrying about the wrong one being installed.

Managing printer drivers gets even easier with PrinterLogic’s ability to manage driver profiles. By using the intuitive admin console from anywhere in your organization, you can configure driver settings such as DPI, duplexing, paper size, paper source and color or black-and-white printing. And, better still, you can apply those driver settings to individual workstations or make batch edits for whole departments. PrinterLogic also gives you access to the actual driver interface, allowing you to configure advanced settings to customize every printer function. After the first install, you can choose to reapply the driver profile configuration every time a user logs on or even after each print job.

Updating drivers has always been a headache. But that’s no longer the case when you implement PrinterLogic as your printer driver management solution. Thanks to its seamless integration into any print environment and powerful management capabilities, it’s easy to update drivers selectively or enterprise-wide, so you have the ability to equip your entire organization with the latest printer software bug-fixes, compatibility and functionality. You can even push the updates out to printers on end-user workstations automatically.

The icing on the cake? PrinterLogic’s printer driver management is just as effective in virtual environments like Citrix and VMware. Your IT staff will no longer have to deal with “ghost” drivers as well as other issues and incompatibilities that can plague virtual sessions.

There are plenty of common printer driver management problems, but thankfully, there’s one powerful solution: PrinterLogic. Contact us today for a demonstration of the software and see for yourself how we can solve your printer driver problems.