Citrix Printing

Posted by Jordan Lindsey

Managing printers in Citrix can be a big problem for many administrators because of the uncertainty on how to manage the printer objects and printer drivers in each location. Citrix users frequently deal with uncertainty on whether to put the printer objects and printer drivers on the Citrix server, in the Citrix OS, or on the end point and redirect. This inevitably leads to frustration at how the Citrix Universal driver doesn’t always work. There are many limitations on driver profile capabilities to support hole punching, duplex, color controls, secure printing, lack of reporting, and self service printer installation capability. Scripting and using GPOs is difficult to manage and causes delays during the login process for users. There’s also the question of transitioning from fat clients to zero clients and a need to support both scenarios. How can you solve all of these issues?

Luckily, PrinterLogic is here to help with Citrix printing. Let me explain how the solution works.

PrinterLogic converts your print server environment and/or direct IP environment into a centrally managed direct IP environment with a single on-premise web-based administration console. PrinterLogic runs as an agent on the end user’s workstations (where applicable), with Citrix OS published for the desktops and on the Citrix server publishing the applications.

PrinterLogic can deploy and setup printers in a few different ways. For your end users, they simply go to a web page, view a floor plan map with all their nearby printers, and click on the nearest printer to install it on their own, no matter what their permissions are. That’s right, a guest, generic account, kiosk, etc. can all install any printer they have access to, without ever having to contact IT.

PrinterLogic can also handle printer installation through automation. Any printer can be installed for end users by any of the following means; Active Directory User, Computer, Group, Container and OU, IP address Range, Hostname and MAC Address. All these deployments options are based upon the physical endpoint device whether it is a Fat, Thin or Zero client. So if you want a printer installed on a published desktop or published application, we detect all the endpoint information and create and present the printers based upon the physical device and location of the user.

We also hear from many customers who use GPOs, and most complain that it is a slow login process for the users. That’s not a problem for PrinterLogic. The client runs as a system service, so we do not use GPO or scripting, and log offs and reboots are not required. If a user disconnects his or her Citrix session and then reconnects somewhere else, the PrinterLogic client detects that change and automatically display the new printers in the desktop or application the user is viewing.

You might think this is all too good to be true, but that’s exactly why we offer you a free 30-day Proof of Concept where one of the PrinterLogic system engineers will install it and enable you to see for yourself how PrinterLogic works in your own environment. Do not continue to let Citrix printer management be a headache to manage. Contact us for a demo or a free 30-day trial.