64-Bit Printing Solutions

Posted by Devin Anderson

When you’re thinking about making the shift to 64-bit printing from a 32-bit print environment, you need one that’s going to be future-proof. And, ideally, one that will also bring additional improvements above and beyond the performance bump from 32- to 64-bit printers and drivers.

That’s why you should consider upgrading to PrinterLogic instead of migrating to a different version of the same printing solution. Whether you’re dealing with 32- or 64-bit printing, print servers will still have the same fundamental shortcomings:

  • Lack of visibility into printer status and usage
  • Fragmented management of printers, drivers and queues
  • Unpredictable availability and single points of failure
  • High costs of maintenance, upgrade and replacement
  • Incompatibilities with third-party solutions and custom configurations

By eliminating your organization’s dependency on print servers altogether, PrinterLogic neatly avoids all these common problems while making migration to a better print environment far easier than you ever thought possible.

You see, among other things, Microsoft’s server migration tool requires you to manually assign 32-bit and 64-bit drivers to specific printers, and that’s the case even if there are hundreds of printers in your organization. Even if you’re willing to take on that daunting task, at the end of the day you’ll still be stuck with print servers and all their drawbacks after a time-consuming and complicated migration process.

PrinterLogic, on the other hand, smoothly copies over all your existing printers and drivers into one location and allows you to manage them with just a few clicks. Then it’s goodbye, print servers.

With PrinterLogic, there’s no confusion between 32- and 64-bit printers and the resulting driver incompatibilities. You can automatically implement whichever driver you choose on a per-user or -workstation basis, or you can use PrinterLogic’s universal print driver for even greater ease of use. There’s no need for hacks and workarounds, no crossing your fingers and hoping that the right driver is selected by default. It’s as seamless as you can get.

Better still, from that point onward, PrinterLogic lets you manage 64-bit printers, drivers and even existing queues cleanly and efficiently from a single pane of glass. A centralized driver repository means that instead of sorting through tangle of drivers and corresponding printers one by one, you can assign, deploy and install printers remotely and en masse according to customizable criteria that you set.

It even works beautifully with virtual environments like VMware and Citrix, which can add another layer of complexity (and potential 32-/64-bit driver compatibility issues) to print environments that still rely on print servers. Using PrinterLogic, virtual users consistently get the right printer and the right driver in the right location at the right time.

All that ease of management—and yet it calls for less server infrastructure, fewer moving parts, and reduced investment of time and manpower.