How to Customize Enterprise Printing to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Enterprise print environments have two things in common: They have printers, and they have employees who want to print to those printers. That’s where the similarities end. Every company is different and has different enterprise printing needs as a result. And those needs change over time.

That’s why trouble-free printing and optimal printer management hinges on the right enterprise printing solution. One that’s flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

You’re not going to find that in print servers. Just the opposite, in fact. For your company to get the flexibility and scalability it requires, the best option is to eliminate print servers from your print infrastructure.

How do you do that? With a serverless printing infrastructure like PrinterLogic.

PrinterLogic enables companies to customize their enterprise printing to meet the needs of their employees. Our serverless printing infrastructure is built around a unique centrally managed, direct-IP printing model. Time after time, it’s been proven to streamline printer management and simplify the complexity of even the most challenging print environments.

Here’s a small sampler of PrinterLogic’s available feature set:

That incredible menu of options lets you tailor printing to specific use cases with minimal time investment.

Customizing PrinterLogic for your style of enterprise printing

Instead of forcing your company to adopt a particular method of enterprise printing, PrinterLogic gives you a platform to customize your print environment how you see fit. Whatever your goal is, our serverless printing infrastructure helps you meet it.

  • Looking to reduce paper and consumables waste? Your company can capitalize on advanced reporting. Easily set up periodical reports on print activity to be emailed to department heads and decision-makers.
  • Trying to lock down your print environment? Secure release printing combined with serverless printing hardens print security more thoroughly (and with way less effort) than obsessing over granular GPOs.
  • Want to simplify printer management without relying on a consolidated print server? Just like Banner Bank did, you can administer a multi-location print environment via a single pane of glass—yet with none of the WAN dependencies. Read the case study here.

Desperate to reduce helpdesk call volume? Attack the problem from both sides. Have end users take advantage of PrinterLogic’s self-service printer installation portal while admins make use of its intuitive printer management.